Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jedd's Frozen Custard

I love custard but frozen custard I never tried before.

I was excited that I finally made the trip to Jedd's Frozen Custard.

The owner was extremely friendly and very informative. He told us what made his custard different from regular ice cream. I don't quite remember what he said since all I could think was "Gimme some custard!" I was hungry. (Then again nothing new there). He let me sample all the flavors. The regular flavors were vanilla and chocolate. As for the flavor of the day, it was banana. Funny thing was the owner hates bananas and he even told us why but regardless, I really liked the banana flavor so I ended up getting a small cup. The texture is much more smoother than regular ice cream. I'm really sorry though but I completely forgot to take pictures of my frozen custard:( I know I'm so terrible how could I possibly forget that.

Now for the remaining pictures the food belongs to my foodie friends. I did not taste any of it so I have no comment except that it looked yummy.

Here was @aarietta's shepherd's pie.

Here was @lu_amy7's pink macaron.

This was @chrisunagi's rhubarb pie.

This was @msgfonz's pie and drink.

Basically can I really tell the difference between frozen custard and regular ice cream? Not really except that it's a bit creamier than regular ice cream. But if you haven't try it yet I think you should go see for yourself and tell me if you can spot the difference. Jedd's is a great place to hang out and satisfy your sweet tooth but would I come for just the frozen custard, not really. But I wouldn't mind trying out the rest of the desserts.

TOTAL BILL $4 (for my small cup of banana frozen custard)...MAY EAT AGAIN?!

2470 Yonge Street
(close to Eglinton)

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Anonymous said...

I forgot to add Jedd's to my "reviews to come" list, so thanks for reminding me, or else I wouldn't forgotten to write about it :) I found the frozen custard to have more "body" than froyo and lighter than ice cream. There's also an apparent amount of egg yolk taste as well. The macaron was a fail even though it wasn't baked in-house. I think I would come back again for their frozen custard if I'm in the area :)

Eat Here Next said...

i almost forgot too just going thru my pix and i just realized im a bit behind on my posts i honestly didnt think i have much to do

lol because of the area there's just too many other places i wanna try but if my friends wanted to try something different i would recommend Jedd's:)

Spatula Geek said...

Me first! Yay! Thanks for reminding me about Jedd's and giving me another place to blog about later.

Glad to see you made it down to there! It was that good that you thought about taking pix after finishing it off. ;) I've been there twice and both times the flavor of the day was chocolate mint. Boo! I would have preferred banana instead. First time I had it straight up and the second time I got the affogato.

Here is an article from Eye Magazine about Jedd explaining about frozen custard.

In general it is more dense because it has less air and richer because it contains buttermilk and not just plain milk. Even the temperature is different since it is stored at a warmer temperature than regular ice cream. This is key because I found out that I can eat it quickly without getting brainfreeze! :) Greg's ice cream also makes a distinction like that. His regular ice cream uses mostly cream while his lighter ice cream he uses mostly milk.

Both times I went in I completely ignored the pastries and was without my camera. Just one of those impromptu times where I'm in the neighbourhood so I might as well drop in.

Spatula Geek said...

Ok, at least I started first but someone else beat me to posting first. :(

Eat Here Next said...

hey thx for the post since i clearly am not a good listener lol

aww man i luv choc mint i would've love trying that flavor:P

lol i hate it when i dont have my phone on me like today i went to buy takeout and the guy gave me a free sample of this mango slush omg it was soooo good i was kickin myself for not having my phone on me to take pix so i know wat u mean

kiki's B.F.F said...

try this place when it first open and find it really overly sweet

Eat Here Next said...

so guess u wont be returning there again

cialis online said...

It looks delicious. Specially with a coffee. The only thing left to know. It is if they have wi-fi connection. If they have it. It would be a great spot to work.

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