Monday, June 20, 2011

Basil Thai Kitchen

Burmese, Thai & Malayasian.

I've never had that combination before so I was excited when a twitter friend asked me if I was interested in a tweetup at Basil Thai Kitchen. My response "Hellya" or something along those lines lol.

There were 13 other tweeps at this event so I might have missed a few pix of some of the dishes. Also sorry for the blurriness I had to be quick since some non-photographers were getting impatient *cough* @lu_amy7 & @aarietta *cough*.

So here are the food pix. I hope I got the names of the dishes right since there were just so many of them.

Complimentary shrimp chips with some sort of tamarind peanut sauce.

Green mango salad was sweet. It was a great way to start off the meal.

Pork rolls.

Curry beef spring rolls.

Chicken satay skewers.

Thai fish cakes.

Pad Thai.

Basil fried rice.

Curry noodles.

Assam eggplant with sole fish. At first I didn't even know that this was fish. Thought it was a pile of meat under the sauce lol.

Mee goreng which was stir fried thick noodles with chicken, shrimp, tofu, potatoes, bean sprouts and tomato in a curry sauce.

Cashew chicken.

Pad see yew which was flat rice noodles with chicken, shrimp, egg and bean sprouts.

Beef panang curry dish.

Pad woon sen which was glass noodles with green onions, egg, red and green peppers, black mushrooms, tomato and chicken.

If that wasn't enough already here were the finishing touches, our desserts. Tapioca pudding with coconut cream, golden sticky rice and fried bananas.

Everything was delicious but I honestly cannot tell you what is the difference between Malayasian, Thai and Burmese. Also since there were numerous dishes I couldn't really tell what each tasted like because eventually they all blended together in my mouth. What I can tell you is that NONE of the dishes were bland. They were all flavorful and very saucy.

I want to thank @manleyh for organizing a fantastic feast for us all. Make sure to check out her blog, the Purple Spatula for a fun read.

Also want to thank the staff at Basil Thai Kitchen for their friendly service and for stuffing our bellies with delicious food.

Had a good laugh and great conversations with @aarietta, @lu_amy7, @chopstickhero, @sandwongsta, @chrisunagi, @ctaybabe, @mgip, @lo_tek, @foodieyu, @mackchiu, @msgfonz and @phoenixragezero.

Till we meet again at the next tweetup.

TOTAL BILL$18 per person...EAT HERE NEXT!!!

2326 Danforth Ave.
(b/n Woodbine & Main)

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7 comments: said...

Haha hey I was taking photos too! Well, until half-way through the dinner.. haha. I agree that everything had such strong flavours and nothing fell short. It was a great tweetup for sure! Now look forward to MY take on this tweetup. It'll be missing half the dishes and descriptions.. it'll just be a wordless Wednesday post or something, lol!

Eat Here Next said...

c'mon u stopped earlier than that don't lie:)

haha can't wait to see ur post think i got the names of the dishes wrong lol

Michael said...

YUMMMM I wanna go back for those chicken skewers! I only had like one little piece b/c apparently i had to share with everybody at the table >:\

Manley said...

I'm glad you enjoyed everything! I hope your boyfriend liked the dish you brought home too :D. Thanks for the link and I think you're the first one to blog about the tweetup :p

Eat Here Next said...

@michael i know sharing sucks:P

@manley yes he did enjoy the noodles...nobody else blogged yet cause they are waiting for someone to name the dishes first hahaha

Jing Loh said...

Oh, I want in on the next tweet up!

Eat Here Next said...

@jing of course cant forget the ninja man:)

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