Friday, June 17, 2011

Monsieur Felix & Mr. Norton

Chewy and gooey.

That is how you would describe the cookies from Monsieur Felix & Mr. Norton.

Their cookies are baked fresh everyday and there are no preservatives or trans fats. There are 14 cookie flavors available from caramelt to the classic milk chocolate chunk or another old time favorite,the macadamia and white chocolate chunk.

I couldn't resist so I bought one of each flavor plus a few extra cookies.

Out of all the cookies, my favorite was the amaretto. Almond silvers blended with milk chocolate chunks with a dash of amaretto flavor. Pure yummy goodness. I looked like cookie monster chomping on all the cookies. I was too excited trying to sample a bit of every cookie. The ones with the chocolate chunk were delightful with the chocolate melting in my mouth.

I also decided to try the cookies & cream fudge as well.

I never really sampled much fudge so I'm not sure how it's suppose to taste. This chunk was smooth and just lingered on my tongue for a bit before it dissolved into chocolatey goodness. I was expecting it to be crunchy and was quite surprised that it wasn't a workout in my mouth. However, to me it was just too sweet. Or maybe I was already sweetened out from my cookie craze.

Also try calling ahead to see if they have the cookie flavor you want. I called a half hour before arriving and the server was so nice to bake me a fresh new batch of amaretto cookies since she didn't have any left. I'm glad I called ahead since that was the flavor I had my eye on.

If you decide to stop by here definitely try the amaretto. Or even the menage a trois. Whatever you fancy I'm sure there will be a cookie for you.


8601 Warden Ave
(north of Hwy 7)

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kiki's B.F.F said...

♥ their cookies too especially heat it up a few secs in the microwave =P
I don't like fudge either since it was too sweet, like biting into a huge chunk of sugar >_<

Eat Here Next said...

yes that's wat i did the next day like to eat it when my chocolate is melting:)

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