Sunday, June 12, 2011

Buddha Dog

After the Great Canadian Cheese Festival, Vicky was raving about a veggie dog from Buddha Dog. It was dragon's breath mousse with rhubarb compote and asparagus on a homemade hot dog bun. Aren't you intrigue now? Cause I sure was.

At Buddha Dog, their philosophy is "Use local, promote local." They pride themselves on using the freshest local ingredients and all their Buddha dogs and sauces are handmade with no preservatives or artificial flavoring. Even their cheese are from local farmers and producers as well.

Their menu was simple. Just choose your cheese and sauces.

Here was a cute tip jar next to the menu.

Since we simply just couldn't get enough cheese we were given our very own little cheese tasting. Here was Black River old cheddar, Black River hot pepper mozzarella, Black River pepper Jack and Fifthtown plain Jane chevre.

After we sampled the cheeses we finally made our decision.

Here were our Buddha Dogs.

Here was Vicky's plate. She enjoyed her snack.

I ended up getting the handmade all beef Buddha dog since c'mon I need my meat. It was topped with smokey ketchup, caramelized onion and Black River old cheddar cheese. I have to say it was one of the best hot dog EVER!!! It tasted like real meat. Nothing else but pure meat and seasoning. Definitely different from your regular Shopsy dog.

Vicky's cousin had the beef one as well but instead of on a bun she opted for a salad. It was pretty difficult to eat unlike mine. A few bites and it was gone:)

I also had my eye on the rhubarb whoopie pie but I was craving for some gelato next door so decided to skip on this. Now looking at it should have bought one to go but don't know if the filling would have held up to the heat since it was pretty warm that day:(

If you can't travel to Picton for these yummy treats they are also available at the Evergreen Brick Works every Saturday from 8am to 1pm. Think I'm gonna make a trip to the market soon I want me a Buddha Dog:)

TOTAL BILL $2.50 per hot dog...EAT HERE NEXT!!!

172 Main Street
Picton, Ontario

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Chops said...

Great find!! I like the Evergreen Brick Works, so close to me that I can bike it there in about 10 mins! Definitely gonna try these.

Eat Here Next said...

lucky u i've never even been to Evergreen before...gotta keep harassing my friend to stop workin & go wit me lol

ray meds said...

Amazing, i can't really understand why people like to eat cheese but well i guess that there's food for any kind of people, but well thanks for share the information, i couldn't believe that something like this were so successful.

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