Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mot Na Son

Although it's raining cats and dogs outside it still did not stop me from going out for some pork bone soup. I didn't feel like waiting in line at the Owl so I decided to stop at a Korean restaurant just a few stores up the street.

This was my second trip to Mot Na Son and once again it was another gratifying dining experience.

It's a cozy restaurant which can accommodate up to 40 people.

Upon entering you can hear a Korean soap opera playing on the tv right at the counter. The owner automatically looked away from the tv box and came and greeted us with a warm smile.

I let my boyfriend do the ordering. He wanted to order 2 soups and a meat dish. The owner suggested that we order the combo special #23 which comes with BBQ beef ribs and 2 soups of our choice. We obliged and went along with his recommendation.

First off the side dishes. I have to say it was the most tastiest banchan I have ever had. It was flavorful and so ridiculously delicious I almost finished it before the real food even came. There was just one dish I was puzzled by I just couldn't figure out what kind of green vegetable it was. When I asked the owner he said it was some kind of grass but he didn't know the English translation for it. It was really yummy. It was a great start to the meal. My rule of thumb is if the banchan is great then the remaining dishes will not be a disappointment. I was right.

Here is the glutinous purple rice mixed with beans. My boyfriend says it's the diabetic's rice since it's low in starch. I don't know how much of it is true so don't take his word for it. All I can say is this rice was well prepared since it tasted very fluffy and light.

Here is the pork bone soup. It's not similar to other places where there's a mountain of garnish floating on top. No sireee. This is all about the pork bone. You can taste the pork flavor in the soup. It was delicious.

Here is the seafood tofu soup. I actually enjoyed it very much. It's prepared differently then other places but much more tastier.

Here is the kalbi. It was yummy as well.

The chef at this restaurant has a passion for food. You can taste it in the cooking. The owner was very informative. There was a group of people that came wondering in. They never had Korean food before and the owner was glad to explain what each dish was and what was popular. He didn't seem to mind missing out on his soap opera which was a very good indication of how much he valued his customers. I will definitely return and might try out the grilled mackerel since he made it sound so good when he was describing it to the newbies.


Mot Na Son
5374 Yonge Street
(close to Finch)

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Anonymous said...

went yesterday evening and didn't like it at all. The pork bone soup tasted weird and bland. The seafood tofu soup tasted ok, but there was not much seafood in there... actually, you can hardly find any. We weren't served with the purple rice, just plain white rice. The starter dishes were not impressing either. They were all different kind of kimchi except one dish. We also tried the grilled mackerel, and it was nothing special...we found it salty and greasy.

Eat Here Next said...

oh no that's too bad that u had an awful experience...i've been there twice and didnt have any problems guess it just depends on the day

Bret Chandler said...

like your enthusiasam but it's 'flavoUrful' and 'most tastiest' is redundant in superlative, perhaps 'most tasty'??

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