Saturday, March 19, 2011

Seoul House

Hands down one of the best restaurant in the west end.

Seoul House serves up authentic Korean cuisine and is owned by Korean people NOT Chinese people. Some customers may get confused when they browse through the menu. Even though there's a section that displays Chinese food it''s actually Chinese-Korean fusion. Regardless, it's real Korean fare here.

My boyfriend brought me to this place. It's one of his favorite restaurant to go to for some fresh sashimi and Korean food.

From the outside the place didn't really look that big however, once you enter it is spacious. Inside it was decorated with a lot of figurines and other cutesy stuff.

Here are a few side dishes.

Here is mul naeng myun. It is buckwheat noodles served in a clear cold broth topped with sliced beef, pickled radish and boiled egg accompanied with hot mustard sauce. It was refreshingly delicious. Perfect for a hot summer day although outside it was freezing cold. Other places will add pear to it as well which I like better with the touch of sweetness. Nevertheless, it's really tasty. Cold soup may sound weird but believe me it taste really good.

Here is the kalbi. The beef short rib was juicy and tender. Just melted in your mouth.

My boyfriend's favourite was the sashimi. He had ordered tuna, red snapper and scallop. It was perfect. The scallops were so fresh my boyfriend claimed "he could taste the sea" lol. I agreed. It was the freshest scallops I have ever tasted. Also the tuna and snapper were tasty as well.

The roll I ordered was the red dragon roll. It was the best red dragon roll I had ever ate. Don't know if it was the fresh tuna or the sauce that was drizzled all over it was utterly delicious. I practically ate all of it. Well I did give my boyfriend one hehe. You snooze you lose. Okay that's mean but hey what can I say I'm a pig when it comes to food.

When we asked for our bill they gave us a complimentary cinnamon drink. It was a great way to end the meal. I love this drink. Sweet and refreshing.

If you are ever in the west side head to Seoul House. You will not regret it. The freshness of the fish and yummy food will blow you away.


Seoul House
265 Enfield Place, Unit #100
(Hurontario & Burnhamthorpe Rd. West)

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kiki's B.F.F said...

Is this the same one as the Steeles one?

If so, you should try their Gye Jang Bac ~ it's marinated small blue crab..... so good, did a post on it :

Karen Ling said...

i've been to that location as well but only ate the bbq meat

never tried this blue crab dish you're talking about...that sounds yummy...definitely will try it next time i'm there...thx for the rec:)

Vani said...

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Eat Here Next said...

@Vani thx for checkin out my blog:)

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