Thursday, June 30, 2011

Casa Manila

Casa Manila is so close to my workplace yet I haven't gone to try it yet.

One of my girlfriends was finally free to meet up so we decided to go here for dinner one night.

First up was the pancit bihon. It is stir fried rice noodles with chicken, shrimp and veggies. Absolutely delicious. I think it was comparable to Max's Restaurant. After this dish, the remaining dishes were just mediocre.

Here was the kare kare which is stewed beef and vegetables drenched in peanut sauce. I hardly found any meat in this dish. It was mostly fat. So unappetizing. Also the sauce tasted like peanuts but still kinda bland to me.

Kristy wanted to try the crispy pata since I was raving about it in my post on Max. It is basically deep fried pork knuckle. I found some pieces were tasty but some were too dry. Without a doubt, it was certainly crunchy.

Here were the bbq chicken skewers. It was ok. That's bout it no wow or yuck, just ok.

For dessert, both of us had our eyes on the halo halo. It is a mixture of sweet beans, fruits, leche flan and ice cream all topped on a mountain of shaved ice. It tasted similar to the one I had at Max but the presentation just didn't excite me the way Max did.

Here was the halo halo from Max. Isn't it pretty? Don't you just want to dig in? That's how I felt when I first laid my eyes on it. Either way they both tasted similar but you know how you eat with your eyes first and here my eyes were drooooooling.

Would I return again? I might since it is close to my workplace. The food wasn't completely terrible but between Max and Casa Manila I definitely would choose Max any day.


879 York Mills Rd.
(west of Don Mills)

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Spice City Toronto said...

Casa Manila is one of those places I really wanted to like, but the quality was just too low. Much better Filipino fast food at the Chester Chicken in St. James Town.

Eat Here Next said...

this is my 2nd time eating filipino first was at Max and it was an amazing experience maybe it helps when u have a friend that is filipino so then can take care of the ordering

altho i pretty much ordered the same food i had at Max and in comparison it just didnt compare

the service was great so i really did try to like their food but i only liked the noodles that's bout it..everything else was eh

marzz said...

Their chicken adobo is my fave in the city :)

Anonymous said...

Everything just looks greasy and not it a good way.

Tanya Gomez said...

I really love to eat here at Casa Manila Restaurant, the unique flavor of pinoy food is still the best. Thanks for this post.

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