Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bamiyan Kabob

Twice in one week.

My friend recommended Bamiyan Kabob to me. She said it was cheap and filling. Those are the two words that I love to hear when it comes to food.

There are 5 locations all spread out through the city and it is a family business, NOT a franchise. It is rated as one of the best Afghani halal cuisine in the city.

One evening I finally decided to stop by the place and grab some takeout.

Here was the menu on the wall.

This post will be combining my 2 trips to the place. Yes 2 trips and both occur in the same week. Think you have an idea of what I will be rating this place as.

First trip.

I ordered the half chicken kabob dinner for my boyfriend. The meal included rice, salad and a giant naan. I didn't try the chicken so I can't comment on the taste but my boyfriend enjoyed it.

I got the sultani kabob dinner which was a combination of the barg kabob and the kofta kabob. The long sausage looking meat was the kofta kabob. It was a skewer of lean ground beef marinated in fresh grated spices and seasoning.

Here next to the kofta was the barg kabob. It was chunks of filet mignon marinated in their special seasoning. Both meat were juicy and tender. Full of flavor and wasn't chewy or bland at all.

On my second trip, my boyfriend came with me this time and he ordered the tandoori chicken kabob dinner. Once again I did not try his chicken. I think I just wanted beef. He said it was just ok. He preferred the half chicken over the tandoori one saying the other one had more flavor to it.

I ended up getting the tikka kabob which were chunks of beef tenderloin marinated in seasoning. Once again it hit the spot and my hunger was satiated.

While we were waiting for our food the server gave us each a free sample of their mango slush. OMG wished I had my phone on me. (I know how can I not have my phone on me I was just lazy that day). The slush was bursting with sweet mango flavor and think they used real mangoes. It was perfect for the day since it was pretty hot out. Just wondering how come I wasn't offered the first time I was there. Maybe the guy liked my boyfriend lol.

Thanks Mags for the rec. It was definitely an EAT HERE NEXT in my books:)

Next time think I will give the lamb chops a try.


4205 Keele Street, Units 9 & 10
(south of Steeles)

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xlpharmacy said...

It is a fantastic place, the food and the service is great, nice shots by the way,

Alina Haque said...

It's absolutely delicious! One of the best Afghani cuisines in Canada! WOW! :D

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