Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsuki Pt 2 Not so Good

Tsuki Izakaya was so good the last time we were here I just don't understand what happened this time around. Maybe it was because we arrived at a quarter to one in the morning but hey they close at 2am and the place was still half filled. Then again think the patrons are just there to drink since most of the tables had a bottle of sake or some sort of alcoholic drink. Or maybe it was a different chef. Regardless I was pretty disappointed with the food.

The complimentary tofu dish wasn't so great tonight. It was a bit warm unlike last time it was served cold. It was still flavorful but the coldness made a big difference for me.

Here is the ankimo which is steamed monk fish liver with ground daikon and ponzu. It tasted like some sort of pate. I think some crackers or bread would have been nice since it was a bit too fishy on its own.

Next is the natto with 2 sides of Japanese pickle and a quail egg. You pour the yolk into the bowl and mix everything around. Added a bit of soy sauce to it and it wasn't that bad. My boyfriend didn't like the gooey texture.

Here is the grilled Gyu tongue with salt and pepper. The sliced beef tongue was delicious. Unlike Embrujo, this did not taste like an actual tongue. The texture was just like any other piece of meat. I did not have any problem swallowing this down.

My boyfriend also ordered the 21 piece sashimi and Korean style beef sashimi which we had ordered on our last trip. Unfortunately, the sashimi was a huge letdown. It was not fresh at all instead it was frozen fish they had served us. The beef sashimi was tasty but it should have been colder.

Overall, an epic fail. I don't know if I would ever return again. I like the service and the fact that it's opened late night. But then again the food did not live up to my expectations at all.


5182 Yonge Street
(close to Sheppard)

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