Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Bacon Stampeder

Giddy up! Around noon today across from the Dundas Square right in front of the H&M store, there was a showdown going on. Cookie showdown that is.

Food Network was filming a new show and they were giving out free samples of a product for the crowd to taste test.

There was live music, line dancing and a real-life cowboy twirling a rope making loops and stuff.

They were passing out a bacon flavored cookie and asking the crowd to fill out a survey as to what they thought of the cookie.

Of course I couldn't pass up on a free cookie so I gave it a try. It was surprisingly still warm like it came straight out from an oven. It was soft and chewy however, it tasted bland to me. There were bits and pieces of bacon but no flavor whatsoever. I just couldn't taste the bacon flavor. I don't think it was tasty at all but I have to say I never tried a bacon cookie before so that was the only unique aspect of it.

Wonder what the rest of the audience thought. Guess we will see when the show airs then again I don't even know what the name of the show will be lol.


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