Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tsuki Izakaya

Raw octopus and raw beef?

Who knew I would love it so much.

I wanted to try some place new and I remembered seeing Tsuki Izakaya one day while walking along Yonge. It is located seconds away from North York Centre Station about 2 stores down from Asian Legend.

I got my boyfriend to come with me to try out the resto.

It used to be a Chinese restaurant before it changed to a Korean restaurant called Ehwa and now it is Tsuki.

I hope Tsuki is here to stay because it is absolutely phenomenal.

Here is the complimentary tofu dish. It was pretty tasty. Not sure what kind of sauce was in the bowl but it was yummy.

At the very top is the sashimi salad with vegetables, seafood, sashimi and sesame dressing. It was refreshingly delicious. I loved the dressing. It went perfectly well with the fish and greens.

Next is the Tako wasabi which is raw octopus with chopped wasabi stem and sliced onion served in a martini glass. It was like the Asian version of ceviche. It was scrumptious with a nice kick from the wasabi stem. I never tasted raw octopus before and now it will not be my last.

Here is the magnificent 21 piece sashimi. It was one of the freshest fish I have ever had in a long time.

Here is the spider roll. It was tasty just like any other spider roll so not much to comment here.

Last, but definitely not least, is the Korean style beef sashimi with soya dressing, shaved green onion and raw egg yolk. Do not be intimidated by the color nor the rawness of the meat. It is sublimely the best way to eat raw meat. I ate the delicious food in a kind of shell-shocked state hardly believing it was actually raw beef. It was exquisitely well prepared and seasoned to perfection. Also it didn't even feel like meat. It had a buttery texture which just melted in your mouth.

Every dish was outstanding except for the mediocre spider roll. Not one dish I would complain about. I can't wait to return and try the remaining dishes. Great spot to hang out with friends and have a beer. Although I don't really drink beer however, these dishes are meant to be eaten as an accompaniment to alcohol. In Japan, an izakaya is a spot people head to for a drink and the food is just an added bonus. Here at Tsuki I say, "Hold the sake! Give me the food!".


5182 Yonge Street
(close to Sheppard)

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