Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Embrujo Flamenco

My 2 girlfriends and I went for dinner at Embrujo Flamenco.

It was a very quiet night with only 2 other tables of patrons.

We were seated next to the tiny stage used for their flamenco show. It was a Tuesday night so there were no performances that evening.

We order a few dishes to sample.

Here is the paceta which is pork belly with cantaloupe and something similar to mashed potatoes but a more creamier version. The meat was really tender and flavorful. The cantaloupe balls were a nice added touch of contrast to the dish.

Here is the chorizo envuelto. It is a puff pastry filled with chorizo and grated cheese. It was very flaky. I just liked the pastry part I didn't really care for the filling. Then again I love pastries. Even beef patties I love to eat the flaky yellow pastry but when it comes to the beef I just scoop it out and toss it away.

Here is the lengua a la vizcaina which is tongue served in a tomato vizcaina sauce. The texture of this was not pleasing nor appetizing at all. I just had one bite and I almost spat it back out. It was repulsive.

Here is the calamares a la romana. The fried squid was tasty but just a bit too greasy.

Here is the pato con peras which is duck confit with pears. It was delicious. Tender succulent meat and a side of sweet pear. Great combination.

Here is the bacalao con samfina which is codfish served in a tomato base Spanish stew with olives and almonds. We waited for quite a while for this dish only to find that the fish was overcooked. It tasted too rubbery.

Although there were a few hits I just couldn't overlook the huge disasters. The food is overpriced and the quality of the food does not justify the price at all. Out of the 6 dishes I only liked 2. Thankfully we had a voucher otherwise I just couldn't see this as being worth that much.


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