Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cafe Mania

If you want yummy desserts and a good laugh head to Cafe Mania but do be careful of what you say since Peter might be hovering around and eavesdropping in on your conversation (just kidding).

Me and my sister-in-law wanted desserts (well mostly me hehe) since we just finished dinner at Khao San Road.

It was martini Wednesdays at Cafe Mania where the martinis were $6. My sister-in-law got the dirty martini. Peter, the host/crepe flavor creator, was joking around and had to ask her how dirty she liked it. (He just couldn't resist).

While contemplating on what to order we kept hearing a few whispers coming from behind the bar telling us to order the heaven crepe, one of Peter's own creation which wasn't displayed on the menu.

We finally gave in and ordered a waffle and Peter's crepe.

Here is Peter's sweet concoction with goat cheese, strawberries, walnuts, honey and I think one other ingredient I don't quite remember maybe whip cream or something. It tasted funky at first which came from the pungent goat cheese but after a few more bites it got better and better as all the flavors mingled around together. It was actually really tasty. We were skeptical at first but he proved us wrong. It was indeed heavenly. Great job Peter:)

Here is the waffle called Mania's Darling. When it arrived to our table we actually stopped mid-sentence just to say oooo and admire the pretty work of art. It included freshly cut apple slices which was arranged into a flower-like shape, crunchy walnut pieces, one scoop of vanilla ice cream positioned right in the centre of the flower, swirls of caramel fudge and a light dust of cinnamon. It was scrumptious. I normally dislike sour apples however, the balance of tartness and sweetness actually complimented each other very well.

After inhaling our food we just sat and chatted for a while. Peter would join us here and there when he was either free or he just wanted to bud into our conversation. At one point when there were no patrons around he sat and chatted with us for a while. We discovered that he had a tattoo of an Asian character on his arm. When we asked what it meant he said it meant secret or shadow of something. (Sorry kinda fuzzy on the details here). I just wanted to know what was his "secret" since he had a tattoo of it lol. He was tight-lipped but then customers were piling in so he had an excuse to leave.

Later on Peter brought over a crepe to our table. We were confused for a sec since we were certain we didn't order anything else. He said he wanted us to try another one of his new creation. This one had strawberries, chocolate, dusting of powdered sugar and something else which I'm sure I am missing. This was another delight. Thanks Peter for letting us sample another one of your creations. You can call me over anytime to taste test your sweet discoveries.

He even gave us some pink drink which tasted kinda like sex on the beach. Wow 2 freebies in 1 night. I like it:)

Here Peter tried to make a crepe for me but failed miserably. Well he got points for trying at least. It was the other server who was better at making the crepes. Think he's just there to look pretty hehe. (Just joking). Peter is great at working the crowds. It really makes the atmosphere a pleasant and relaxing environment where you feel like you are just hanging at home with some friends.

The cafe was a great place to hang out and we had a lot of good laughs. Time just flew by. It sucked that it was a weeknight otherwise we would have stayed longer.

Thanks Peter for an awesome experience and letting us sample your crepe creations..


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amysfoodadventures said...

I remember coming here last summer when it was really hot and my ice cream melted in a matter of seconds, lol. They're very generous with their fruits which is a wonderful thing!
PS. Peter's crepe looks delish! Nice pics!

Karen Ling said...

lol they are generous portions

i was stuffed after the first 2 desserts but when the 3rd one came we couldn't resist...just can't say no to free food no matter how full i am

my stomach was hard when i left lol almost couldn't button up my jacket hehe

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