Monday, March 28, 2011

Man Doo Hyang

Man Doo Hyang, a dumpling and noodle house located along Yonge, was not what I expected.

We were starving so we decided to give this place a shot.

It was around noon when we arrived. The place was empty. Actually think the employees were either having a meeting or eating their lunch but since we walked in they all scurried quickly away to the kitchen.

Here is a complimentary plate of dumplings. They were pretty bland. It was in need of a lot of seasoning. Not very promising considering it was a dumpling house.

Here were the side dishes. The kimchi was really tasty and fresh.

I got just plain noodle soup and plain it was. The broth was extremely bland and once again in need of seasoning. Do they not have salt in the kitchen? Don't understand how it can be so flavorless. The noodles however, were homemade and yummy. There was too much noodles so I couldn't finish my dish. I kept trying to throw some noodles into my boyfriend's bowl since he complained there was too little noodles in his.

My boyfriend got the dumpling and noodle soup. He found his tasteless as well. He tried to add some seasoning to it so it wasn't too bad after.

My brother-in-law got some soup with beef in it. It looked like bulgogi but just in soup.

My sister-in-law got the dumpling soup with rice cakes. I think she was the only one who enjoyed her dish. Maybe I should have ordered that instead since her dumpling did appear appetizing.

I thought this was cute so couldn't help snapping a picture of it. It says Kam-sa-ham-ni-da which means thank you in Korean.

My sister-in-law informed me that their Mississauga location is much more popular and it's always packed.

I don't know how much better it could get but hey I'm willing to give it another shot since they produce their own noodles. Maybe we just didn't have the right chef that day.

I wanted to try their cold soy bean soup with noodles however, it was only available in the summer. Hope it doesn't disappoint me again.


Man Doo Hyang
6068 Yonge Street
(b/n Finch & Steeles)

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Anonymous said...

Well, I take it you're not Korean. It's really the restaurant's fault that they did not ask you if it was your first visit to their place. In most cases, I find that ethnic restaurants are not very good at serving their food with proper instructions on how to eat/enjoy a certain dish. Those complimentary dumplings, as well as your "plain" noodle soup, and dumpling noodle soups are supposed to be bland (unseasoned). You may have noticed a tiny stainless steel container on each table that contain a soy sauce mixture (soy sauce, vinegar, red pepper flakes and green onions)that each patron is to add to their soup to suit their taste. Unfortunately, they do not have little signs that explain this and you are not the first one to have had a disappointingly bland meal at this great little joint. As for the cold soybean noodles, my advice would be, don't do it. I'm korean and I grew up on that stuff. I didn't particularly care for it as it tastes, yes you've guessed it, SUPER BLAND! It taste like boiled so-mein in plain (but thick, consistency wise) soymilk.

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