Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Gabardine

I saw a review on the burnt marshmallow ice cream sandwich at The Gabardine so I went to check it out. Now that I think about it I wonder what was I even thinking. How does that even sound appealing?

It was not as spectacular as it had sounded. It did taste burnt like the name of it but not in a good way. It wasn't much different from a regular ice cream sandwich except that it costed 3 times the price of a regular ice cream sandwich. It was an absolute major fail.

My cousin ordered the sticky toffee pudding with sweet cream and toffee sauce. It was over the top sweet. It can feed probably 6 people and they would all be sweetened out after just one bite.

Dessert-wise this would be my last trip. There was really nothing worth mentioning about. It was an epic fail to me.

Also we had only ordered 2 desserts yet the waiter took forever to bring us the bill. He was a nice guy but he was too busy serving the "suits" just how Billy from the show Entourage calls people who are dressed in well suits. I think the atmosphere is pretty stuffy and pretentious so not really my kind of scene.


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Anonymous said...

Try the mac and cheese.

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