Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tofu Village

My cousin wanted to try out Tofu Village in Koreatown. The name of the restaurant definitely suited the place. They were not kidding about the tofu. There was so much tofu I couldn't even finish my soup.

When we first arrived there were only 3 other tables of customers. By the time we were eating the place was packed.

One thing I did like about the restaurant was the placemats. While waiting for our food we were reading the placemats learning how to pronounce some basic sentences in Korean. Don't know if we pronounced it correctly however, it was a fun and productive way of passing the time.

Here were the side dishes.

The kimchi was okay.

The purple rice had no beans and not as fluffy as Mot Na Son.

We had ordered the house special and the seafood soon tofu soup. Both mild. Both soup looked identical with the abundance amount of tofu hidden below the fiery red surface. It was delicious but boy was there a lot of tofu.

The food was mediocre nothing outstanding. Good portions at fairly cheap prices so can't complain there but will try other places since there's so many restaurants to choose from in the Annex.


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