Thursday, March 3, 2011


Chicken, pork or lamb???

I wanted to see what the rave was all about at Messini Authentic Gyros so I bought 2 gyros to try. I opted for the lamb and pork since normally when I buy gyros I like to buy the beef and lamb. My friend kept pointing out her fave is the chicken.

Man I should have gone with the chicken.

Both the lamb and pork were really dry. The meat wasn't moist or juicy and with all the fries packed into the pita it was way too starchy which almost ended up being lodged in my boyfriend's throat.

The only unique quality of the pita is the generous portion of fries stuffed into the pita. Other than that the meat was not seasoned very well and was quite flavorless. It was a huge disappointment since I was really looking forward to eating this. Maybe my expectations were too high after seeing almost 400 reviewers on Urbanspoon claiming they liked the place. Or maybe it just wasn't my night.

I won't write it off completely till I taste the chicken gyros since that is the most popular one according to my friend Maggie.

One other great thing about this place besides the huge rationing of food is the fact that it was a steal. For $10 you have dinner for 2. Just can't argue with that no matter how unpleasant my experience was.


Messini Authentic Gyros on Urbanspoon


Chee said...

Mmmmm....I'm soooo craving a gyros right now! i miss homefood which includes everything else but vietnamese right now, lol

Looks like you've been having your fair share of new foodies! Good stuff! :) Love the new neighbourhood guide!

Karen Ling said...

SUZY!!! i missed my partner in crime...i wanna go out to eat but nobody to go wit...when r u coming back???

guess ur having too much fun so it won't be anytime soon eh

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