Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Porchetta & Co.

If you want a juicy pork sandwich then head to Porchetta. Located in Portugal Village, this tiny sandwich place serves up one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. Now I can see why there's so much excitement over this place.

Think about it. A piece of pork shoulder marinated for 24 long hours then it's wrapped in prosciutto for more flavor and then the whole entire meat is wrapped again in cured pork belly just to be roasted then slow cooked for another few more hours. Just reading it made me drool. Do you know any place else that does this? I sure don't. Also the sourdough bun they use are fresh from the Caldense Bakery which is right across the street. Just can't get better than that.

They only specialize in pork and there are only 2 items to choose from on their menu. The Porchetta plate or the sandwich. I chose the sandwich. The fun part was picking the toppings.

Here for my toppings I chose the truffle sauce, rappini, and mushrooms. I loved the bun. It was pillowy soft and it went perfectly well with the sandwich. It got really messy eating this. Most of my toppings kept falling out and the truffle sauce was running down my arms. So messy but soooo good:)

For this sandwich I made it simple. Just added tomato sauce and mozzarella. Simple is always best. It was delicious. They also added to each sandwich a few pieces of crispy pork rind for a nice added crunch.

For this place to specialize in only one item they better make it right and right on point they did. Porchetta is in my top faves for the best sandwich shops in the city.

Since it's a very small shop with only 6 stools for seating it's best to bring it home to enjoy if you live close by and savor every single bite. But if you eat there try to go in the summer. It was difficult for me to enjoy my sandwich while balancing my big bag and my winter coat on my lap all the while trying to make sure the sauce did not drip onto my coat and bag. Nevertheless, it was well worth it.


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Jen C said...

Hi there!

I believe your photo of [FOOD] was used without your permission on the Chowzter Toronto list (I'm not linking directly as to prevent them benefiting from any SEO).

Chowtzer (sponsored by Coca Cola), was notified some months back about using images without permission or credit and told to remove them. And they did. Only to replace them with more IP-violating photos, which is when I stepped in. I am now notifying people from the Toronto list that I can identify.

If you wish for credit or for it to be removed, you must contact them. You can read their apology (and my subsequent comments) here:

I am @foodpr0n on twitter if you'd like to join the conversation. #IPviolationCheck


Karina said...

Porchetta sandwiches in Italy are just pork and bread. They need nothing else to be the most delicious on planet Earth. Putting toppings on the pork would be a real shame and a distraction. But hey, those are Italian pigs, very well fed. I guess pigs raised and pork prepared in the US need a little help in the flavor department.

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