Monday, February 28, 2011

Final Brunch @ Hoof Cafe

I'm baaaack but sadly it will be my very last brunch at Hoof Cafe:(

Even though I was just here yesterday I couldn't resist returning again since my friend wanted to try the french toast with foie gras.

We arrived close to 2pm and lo and behold no lineup. Woohoo!

Once again I began ordering right away the minute our waitress came to pour us a glass of water.

We had the french toast and beignets and also some new dishes I haven't tried yet.

Here is the scrapple which included a fried egg and some greens. I didn't know what a scrapple was but it's suppose to be scraps of pork mixed with cornmeal. Albeit the name doesn't sound appetizing it was a hit.

Here is the side of pork belly pastrami. Tasted like bacon but much more meatier. Delicious.

Here is the Hoof crepe with a huge slab of ham encircled in some sort of syrup with a smear of creme fraiche topped with bits and pieces of fried brussels sprouts. It was delectable.

Now out of everything I tried so far the best dish is the scrapple. Once again I left the cafe with a sad look. The food is simply extraordinary. I hope the new restaurant won't disappoint and will blow us away just like Hoof otherwise if not there will be some very unhappy Hoof fans.

TOTAL BILL $64...EAT HERE NEXT!!! (or actually try the Black Hoof)

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darkrose20000 said...

I am sooo jealous you get to go to all these wonderful places and eat all that food!! It's a real pitty people don't seem to be into the whole brunch thing over here in Greece, most of them don't even have breakfast, let alone know what bruch is! lol
Anyway, i love your blog and if i ever come your way will definitely try as many of the places you recommend as i can :)

Karen Ling said...

awww thx:)

i love love LOOOVE brunch wish it was available all week instead of just weekends

glad you enjoy my blog esp all the way in Greece...i would love to visit Greece...maybe you can recommend to me where all the good food is:)

darkrose20000 said...

I must definitely try and find some brunch spots over here, so frustrating!!!

Sure, am already updating my faves to Foodspotting (i'm Em M btw), but anytime you're over here let me know and i'll give u some secret locations, lol! :)

Karen Ling said...

nice to meet you Em:)

hope you find some brunch spots over there if not come to Toronto...I will definitely ask you if I ever get to travel to Greece:)

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