Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dinner at Steve's

Since the brunch was a hit the first time we were there, me and my boyfriend decided to try out the dinner menu at Steve's Restaurant.

Once again a home run.

My boyfriend got the special which was a 16oz T-bone steak while I ordered the almond crusted sole.

It definitely hit the spot. The steak was full of flavor and well seasoned. My fish was well prepared. Also my sweet potato fries were crispy just the way I liked it.

Great food and generous portions all at a great price.


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Anonymous said...

Your dish looks so good, especially the sweet potato fries!

Karen Ling said...

luv my sweet potato fries:)

Liz said...

Food lovers must be loving your blog! That dish looks delicious! The presentation is colorful. And I like how there are vegetables on the side. It gives a bit of a healthy touch to the dish. Food like that is a nice treat for yourselves. Since you love to eat at diners and restaurants, do you love to cook too?

Liz Peters

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