Monday, November 1, 2010

398 West Still a Hit

On Monday night, I went to 398 West for dinner. I have to say the second time around it was still as great as the first time. During my first experience, I was surprised by the size of the restaurant. From the outside it didn't look that big at all but once I entered I was shocked to see how spacious it actually was. This time around I thought I would snap a photo of the huge bar. Wished I had also snapped pictures of the Judaic artwork as well. I don't know much about art but I do like to see pretty pictures on the wall. There was one artwork that caught my eye. It was a painting of colorful trees which made me think of the wonderful autumn leaves that we have right now. Living in Canada sometimes we forget what natural beauty we have surrounding us. Sometimes we just need to take a moment from our busy lives just to stop and open our eyes and actually see what is happening around us. Can't believe people actually travel to Canada just to look at the leaves changing colors while we view it as another chore having to rake the fallen leaves. Ok off topic now back to the restaurant.

We received complimentary bread and veggie sushi to begin with. The sushi was freshly made and very tasty. Next was our appetizer. Maple smoked veal brisket with onions, poached duck eggs, toast points with grainy mustard maple drizzle. It was delicious. Once again their sauce is still a bit on the sweet side more than savory but nevertheless still a delight to eat.

For our entrees, me and my boyfriend ordered the grilled tuna steak with spelt risotto and mustard greens and the 16 oz 30 day dry aged rib steak with broccoli and fries. At first I wanted the duck two ways but sadly the waiter told me they were sold out for the night. What a disappointment since that was the only item on the menu that caught my eye so I was really looking forward to trying that out. Still, everything was delicious. My only critique would be that the tun steak was a bit too salty. Think they went a bit overboard with the kosher salt.

Nonetheless, with t
he contemporary decor, relaxing ambience, friendly staff, and exquisite food those are all the components to an amazing dining experience. Hopefully on my third trip I can get my hands on the duck two ways.


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Chee said...

Great that your 2nd time was still the question is whether the 3rd time will be a charm? =P

I've never heard of complimentary veggie sushi so that's different...usually it's some kind of bread and dip. Maybe I will add this to my list of places too! Seems like it's definitely a hit in your books ;)

Karen Ling said...

lol i think there won't be a 3rd time anytime soon...still have to go thru my list and try out the remaining restaurants...wonder how long it's going to take me considering that I keep adding new places even tho i've crossed out a few

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