Monday, November 29, 2010


At 5:30pm on a Saturday, me and my friend went for dinner at Benihana located at the Fairmont Royal York. My friend wanted a sushi fix but sadly when we left it was just a tease. Did not satisfy her sushi craving at all.

The hostess asked if we had any reservations. We replied no. He told us the teppanyaki tables were all booked up. Luckily we were primarily there for the sushi so it did not apply to us.

We got a small little table right near the entrance.

Both of us have never been to this restaurant before but apparently it was known more for its teppanyaki rather than sushi but we didn't care for table cooking that night.

For our starter we decided to go with the oysters. When it arrived I have to say it was the smallest oysters I have ever ate. Think I got ripped off. $15 for 4 tiny oysters. Honestly it wasn't even appetizing at all. It had that unpleasant fishy smell. At first I thought it was rotten but it was just the way it was prepared. Another negative aspect was the fact that it tasted gritty. Don't think they scrubbed the shellfish properly since it felt like I ate a bunch of sand mixed with bits and pieces of tiny rocks.

The sushi menu was very limited. There were only around 5-6 options available. So we ended up pretty much ordering all the rolls.

Here is the spider roll, dynamite roll and spicy salmon roll. Tasty but just not enough.

My friend also ordered the salmon toro sashimi.

One thing that irritates me is when restaurants tip themselves. How do they know whether they deserve that tip?

With Benihana the service was good so it didn't bother me as much that they tipped themselves however, the portion was too little.

I was not stuffed but not starving. Just about right till a few hours later I was hungry again.

I think Benihana was overpriced. For only 5 dishes, grand total, including tip and tax, amounted to $83 for only 2 people and we weren't even full.

Wonder whether the teppanyaki is any good since it was all booked before the restaurant was even opened. Still I'm pretty sure it will cost way more than the sushi.


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Chee said...

Just realized I eat out a lot with you eh? haha Food was good here but it was too little...I still want more sushi! So when's round 2? =P

Karen Ling said...

lol is that a bad thing? am i bad company now?

i agree it was too little

as for round 2 up to u:P

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