Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tony Roma's

Over the weekend my boyfriend took me to this restaurant called Tony Roma's.

To start off the meal we ordered the kickin' shrimp and onion loaf. OMG!!! The shrimp appetizer was fantastic. I never ate shrimp in a salad before. Actually I don't really care for shrimp to begin with but this dish was spectacular. I can't figure out what kind of dressing it was but everything was amazing. I ate everything all the way down to the last piece of green lettuce. Also it was even served in an enormous martini glass which made it looked appealing to eat.

Next their infamous onion loaf. Literally, it was a loaf of onions. Humongous Spanish onions breaded and deep fried served with some sort of creamy sauce. At first, we didn't know how to eat it. Did it break apart easily or do we have to use our knife and fork? Well it definitely did not crumble apart since it was one chunk of onions deep fried all together so we had to use our knives to cut through it. It was tasty but I think the onions could have been fried a bit longer to obtain that crispy crunchy texture. It was a bit on the soft side for me but still yummy.

For our entrees, we ordered the 8oz filet mignon and half rack of their famous baby back ribs. It was all delicious especially my ribs. It was extremely tender where one tug and the whole meat fell off the bone. It was finger licking gooooood. I can see why this is their signature dish.

Too bad I was stuffed to the max so no room for desserts. If you love ribs I highly recommend Tony Roma's. Also a must try is the kickin' shrimp. Man my mouth is watering just thinking about it. It truly is that good.


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Chee said...

Where is this place? I tried to look at their website but didn't see a Toronto location

I was definitely drooling when I was browsing your pics and reading yoru descriptions...come on...who can say no to Shrimp Martini, Tender Ribs, and Onion Loaf (never even tried it before) =P***

For some reason, the restaurant name sounds familiar too but I don't know where or if I even heard of for thought! ;)

Karen Ling said...

it's by the airport...look under canada and i believe it's either the 2nd or 3rd page

u know how i like to try new things whether it's bad or good just gotta try it:)

u have to try their shrimp appetizer...hands down the best shrimp app EVER!!!

Maggie said...

this place is right by my work! only went once had ribs, pretty good ribs :) i will try the shrimp app next time

Karen Ling said...

yes definitely a must try plus it looks so cute in a martini glass:)

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