Sunday, November 14, 2010

Boom??? More like a Bust

I finally got my boyfriend to go try out Boom Breakfast today. He absolutely hates driving midtown since parking is such a pain. When we arrived along Eglinton at 10 in the morning surprisingly we still couldn't find street parking anywhere. Drove around in circles before we finally found a spot. Not a good start so far along with the fact that it was pouring rain.

Once seated I was overwhelmed with the menu. There were so many options I didn't know what to choose. Well I decided to go for the buttermilk pancakes since that was what I was craving for along with a side of peameal bacon. My boyfriend got the regular eggs and peameal bacon combo.

I also ordered the honey bee smoothie which consisted of non-fat yogurt, blueberries, banana and honey. It was a bit watered down for me. I wished they added more fruits or even more honey for that matter. Another disappointment here.

When our food finally arrived, boy oh boy, another disappointment there. My boyfriend's dish had only 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon and a side of fries and toast. His eggs were undercooked. How can you go wrong with eggs? The most simplest item yet they couldn't even prepare it correctly. Also he thinks the fries tasted like McCain frozen fries. They were baked and the texture was identical to the frozen item that you would find in the freezer aisle at a grocery store. Wow!!! Can't believe we drove all the way here for some frozen fries. His dish costed $8.49 and he got undercooked eggs, only 2 pieces of bacon, and some frozen fries. Definitely hating me now for dragging him out in the rain on a Sunday morning for substandard food. He wasn't even full.

My dish was just as disappointing as well. I got 2 pancakes and 2 pieces of bacon. The bacon was tasty but just wasn't enough. As for my pancakes, it was an epic fail. It was extremely doughy where it almost got lodged in my throat. I had to gulp down my smoothie just so I wouldn't require a heimlich maneuver.

We left around 11 or so and there was a huge lineup. I wondered if it was their first time just like me or whether they were regulars. I just don't understand if they can't cook the most basic food items right how can they even cook the other items such as the benny and omelette.

The food is way overpriced and poorly prepared. My boyfriend would have done a better job cooking it himself.

After this experience don't think my boyfriend will be letting me choose a breakfast joint again in the near future. Guess I should go buy a box of eggs and some Aunt Jemima pancake mix if I want to eat breakfast again.


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Chee said...

I guess you and El can be the guinea pigs for us! Guess I wont' be making a trip here anytime soon...I wonder why such long line ups then! There must be other good brunch places!

Anonymous said...

We ate there today and it was great.
I had the eggey waffle with holindase.
The waffle was light and airy, and the eggs were fine. If you want well-done eggs, simply ask.
Can't comment on the holindase as never had it before, lol, but it was yummy.

Wife had the big breakfast, 2 eggs well-done with frites and chicken breast subbed in for the bacon or ham. A substantial portion,perhaps 4-5 oz, prepared and seasoned nicely of no-fat chicken.

The price for 2 including capp and a bottomless coffee was $23, plus tip and tax.

No complaints. Stay away if you like. It leaves more room for us!

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