Thursday, November 4, 2010

Coco Lezzone

Last night, I travelled to Little Italy, along College Street West, to have dinner with my cousin at a charming little restaurant called Coco Lezzone.

Upon entering the restaurant we were warmly greeted by the hostess. He was very friendly and asked us how we were. I replied, "I'm cold and hungry". He laughed and said "Well, you came to the right place then."

After we were given our menus, my cousin caught a glimpse of the drink menu and decided to order a martini. She never had a martini before so we decided to ask our waitress what her recommendation would be. Both of us like our drinks sweet so she highly recommended the mango martini. It was gooooood. Definitely not strong at all. Tasted like sex on the beach except substitute the cranberry juice with mango juice instead.

While waiting for our food, I noticed the restaurant was more suited for a romantic dinner with the dim lighting and the red velour drapery along with little candles on each of the tables. Definitely not the right place to have dinner with your cousin but oh well what can you do.

For our entrees we decided to order from the pasta section since that was the only section that caught our eyes. Here is the Capellini with tiger shrimp, scallops, mussels and fresh parsley in a white wine tomato sauce. This was my cousin's favorite dish. I thought it was good except for the overcooked scallop. It was a bit chewy for me. Other than that everything else was tasty.

My favorite dish was the cajun lobster ravioli with sundried tomato, roasted garlic and baby spinach in a rose sauce. It was truly spectacular. My only criticism was it was not enough. I was suppose to only eat half and share the remaining half with my cousin. But didn't realize that when I gave her the dish there was only ONE ravioli left. The rest was just sauce. I didn't realize it till she told me. The place was dimly lit so I blame it on the lighting. Good thing was my cousin preferred the capellini dish over the ravioli so I just let her finish the rest of the pasta.

Overall, the food was delicious however the portions were small since I was still a bit hungry when I got home. But if you're looking for a place for a romantic date then this is the place to be.



crazycoz said...

Whatever, I made a great date! And I don't think anyone can actually see the ravioli since there's a thick layer of cheese!

Karen Ling said...

yes u wur a fine date:P

hey i luv my cheese:P

Chee said...

Food looks good, can't wait to try it! =) Ravioli looks for the seafood pasta, I think I will stay away from it for a while after our last experience at

Karen Ling said...

lol well at least ur boyfriend has been there so i'm sure he will have some good recommendations as well:)

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