Saturday, November 27, 2010

Crepes a GoGo

I've never been to Paris before but at Crepes a GoGo it sure felt like I just walked right into the city of l'amour.

For a while my friend has been dying to try the creperie place so finally we got to "gogo" for some crepes today.

Upon entering the restaurant we were warmly greeted by the waiter with a "Bonjour!". Felt like I entered a cafe in Paris. Never have I been greeted in French before. The place is really tiny and it was packed. The seating was very limited. I think it can only seat up to a maximum of 18 people. Luckily didn't have to wait long for a table.

Their limonana is a must try. I was reading the menu and the waiter recommended it. He offered a small sample and asked whether I would like it hot or cold. We got both and I have to say it was definitely something I never tried before. It was a mixture of lemon juice, cane juice and fresh mint leaves. All made from natural ingredients. At first when I saw the word lemon I was hesitant whether to try it since I don't like lemons nor even lemonade for that matter. But thought I would give it a shot. It was very refreshing and sweet. I think the sweetness came from the sweetened organic cane juice so it was not citrusy at all.

While waiting for our food, I was listening to the staff speaking in French. I was attempting to see how much I could decipher but given it's been quite some time since I last took those French classes in high school I couldn't make out anything. Also coupled with the fact that they were speaking pretty fast I didn't have a chance at all so I diverted my attention to the live music. There were musicians playing that accordion theme you would normally hear in a movie of a cafe in Paris. Don't think I'm describing it correctly. Let's just say the music was lovely and went perfectly well with the Parisian ambience.Wonderful setting for a first date or in my case, a place to hang out with a friend.

The crepes were freshly made right in front of you. I was able to snap this photo right from my seat. Love my iPhone 4. I was able to zoom in without having to move an inch.

We ordered their signature crepe which was called the Big Ben, rolled with mozzarella and raspberry jam. It was delicious. The crepe was paper thin and although the filling was very little however, it was packed with full of flavor so it made up for the small portion. Sorry didn't take a picture since there were people waiting for a table so they were standing right next to our table and casting their shadow over my food. But I was able to take a picture of the other crepe we ordered. Here is the crepe Mademoiselle filled with goat cheese, red onions, smoked salmon and maple syrup. It was tasty but it was a teaser. Just wanted more but we couldn't eat too much since we had our massage appointment right after so it was suppose to be a light lunch. This was truly the right place for it. But I left yearning for more.

If you are looking for a Parisian experience then I highly recommend you to "gogo" to this delightful shop. French speaking staff, French music and sweet and savoury treats is a perfect way to start off the day. When you leave you might end up speaking Francais for the rest of the day.

Merci Sue for recommending this hidden Yorkville gem. We have to "gogo" again and this time it will not be a teaser:P


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Chee said...

J'aime Crepe a Go Go! Gotta put whatever Francais I remember to good use! hehe =P

Loved the live accordion music, the quaint little cafe and the jolly good servers...definitely had a nice touch of France to it!

The crepes were so yum! It was savoury and sweet at the same time! I've had crepes before but nothing like this...flat, tasty, simple, yet very good! Eat here next!

Karen Ling said...

we have to go there time let's go in the summer since it's freeeezing outside

Odette said...

I’ve been visiting Crêpes à GoGo for years now and guarantee you won’t be disappointed with their amazing and delicious assortment of crepes. The owner (Véronique) is an adorable French lady who also created the unique drink Limonana that they sell there. I was telling Véronique about all the reviews that are on the internet and that she should find a way to use them to her advantage. She wishes she could respond to everyone online but since she’s so busy and not really that internet savvy, I volunteered to help her if she wanted. You can tell that Veronique is the kind of person that will help others anyway she can, so I just wanted to “pay it forward” and help her out. So this is to anyone that writes an HONEST review of Crêpes à GoGo: if you can contact me with a link to the review you post, I’ll send you a coupon for a FREE 473mL bottle of Limonana for the next time you visit 18 Yorkville Ave. It’s basically a lemon/mint juice that you can drink cold or hot (also makes a good mix for cocktails)! Hope you enjoy as much as I do! Bon Appétit! -

Karen Ling said...

i do really like the drink...i find it taste better served really is a refreshing beverage:)

Odette said...

Hey Karen

If you send me an email I can get you that coupon for a free Limonana the next time you go. I prefer it as a cold drink too!

Cheers, Odette

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