Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vertigo Lounge

This was by far the worst restaurant EVER!!!!!!!

I bought a voucher for Vertigo Lounge. Paid $25 for $60's worth. To me, the worst thing I ever spent money on. Not even worth $25 to me let alone $60.

I took my cousin to this restaurant since I wanted to redeem my voucher.

Upon entering the place there was no host to be found. We saw a waitress hidden behind a curtain but too absorbed in doing whatever she was focusing on to even notice us.

We stood there for a few minutes and still nobody came to greet us so we assumed we had to find our own seats.

There was only one table of 8 in the restaurant yet nobody bothered to come seat us. Should have seen the sign from there.

After seating ourselves at a table, another few minutes passed by before the waitress finally came to greet us. She apologized for not seating us earlier and went to grab us some menus.

We were given complimentary bread but no butter or any topping to add to it.

Now for the thing that really peeved me off.

Before I bought my voucher like any other customer I would browse through the menu to see if anything piqued my interest. Obviously something must have caught my eye since I purchased the voucher. Sitting at the restaurant with the menu in my hand I was shocked to see that the menu on the website was completely different from the one at the restaurant. On the site, the menu showed about 30 different dishes to choose from whereas the real menu displayed only 8-9 items. What a big difference. It was completely false advertising. When I bought the voucher I was looking forward to trying out a few certain items but only to be disappointed to discover that it wasn't even on the menu.

When I emailed a complaint to the deal site where I purchased the voucher this was the reply I was given:

Thanks for the email. We are very sorry to hear about your experience with Vertigo. We go through lengths to ensure that our vendors understand the terms of our deals and that they treat Dealfind customers equally and provide them with excellent service, so you can see why hearing news like this is disheartening, to say the least. At this point we have initiated serious communications with the restaurant. We can only hope that your relationship with Dealfind will not be compromised due to this expirence.

Thank you for using Dealfind!

It's great that they find my experience "disheartening" but at least they didn't eat the crappy food.

When the appetizers came it was not appealing at all. I understand that appetizers are not suppose to be a meal so portions are small since they are a teaser. All depends on the establishment some places can be generous and some well they are just standard and others are just a joke. Vertigo was a joke.

The chicken wings were okay considering that it tasted like something I would buy at Walmart. But at least with Walmart I would have more wings than this sad little basket of wings here.

The garlic shrimp was not edible at all. The sauce was watery. Also it made me think it was frozen shrimp which they left out to thaw all day and night and must have forgotten about it and decided to cook it up. Not happy at all.

When the entrees arrived it was even worse.

The portions were small although here it looks like a lot because I zoomed in on it but believe me in person it was really pathetic.

I figured looks can be deceiving so I was still a bit optimistic so I cutted a piece of the meat. I instantly made a face and told my cousin to stop eating and to get the bill. It was atrocious. I can't believe they even served it. The asparagus was wilted, the mashed potatoes tasted like it was made from one of those instant mixes and the meat was just horrendous.

I think the Swanson tv dinners would have been a better choice than those 2 entrees.

I asked the waitress for the bill.

She asked if we wanted to pack our food to go and I said no.

She asked if anything was wrong considering we only took a few bites out of the 4 dishes. I told her I was not happy at all.

She said sorry and just walked away.

She didn't even bother to ask what was wrong with the food. Un-freakin-believable!!!

For a restaurant that just opened, if a customer is leaving with dishes that have barely been touched they should try their very best to find out what is wrong in order to improve their menu and succeed in the restaurant business.

I was baffled by the response I got I was just fuming so had to come home and blog about it.

The only positive aspect of this restaurant was I liked their music. It would be a great place to hang out but considering the place was completely empty don't bother heading there on a Saturday night unless you like the lack of people. As for food wise, DO NOT STEP FOOT HERE!!!

Maybe I'm being mean since this is a new restaurant but it just shows they don't have a passion for food if they are willing to serve the awful food that I ate.

Thank god I didn't pay regular price. Even $25 is still not worth it for food that doesn't even compare to a frozen dinner meal.

TOTAL BILL $64 (regular price)...ONCE IS ENOUGH!!!


Chee said...

Dang, this restaurant must have been really BAD! You were looking forward to it too! I'm surprised you didnt' get a credit or refund of some sort from Dealfind since they're usually pretty good with customer service.

Also, since this is a new restaurant - you would think and hope they'd be more attentive to customers! I'm a huge fan of wings but even you're picture doesn't even look that appetizing and that says a lot for me! Hope you have better luck next time =) Even though the pasta dish at Vertical was bad, I'm just glad that they let you exchange it!

Karen Ling said...

i know Vertical had impeccable customer service unlike Vertigo...the waitress was nice but she should have done more

don't think that place will last long if they keep serving that type of food

crazycoz said...

Was it worse than pangaea? LOL

Karen Ling said...

yes...ten times worse than pangaea

at least at pangaea i took more than one bite

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