Saturday, November 27, 2010

Orgasmic Chocolate Cake...Round 2

I finally made my second trip for that orgasmic flourless chocolate cake at Terroni. This time I went to the Adelaide location instead of the midtown location. The place was enormous. Three times bigger than the previous location I went to.

I brought a friend along and it was her first time trying it. We ordered my favorite cake and also tried the special, the chocolate tart with Grand Marnier. Yes we are addicted to sweets. Although it's a restaurant with plenty of food options on the menu we were there primarily for the cake.

The tart was too rich for me. One bite and I was done. It just didn't stand up to my cake.

My chocolate cake was delicious and did not disappoint at all. My only criticism was not enough white chocolate other than that the cake was super fluffy and mmm mmm goooood.

Wished I order 2 of my cake instead.

At least I satisfied my craving so I was very happy:)


Terroni - Adelaide on Urbanspoon


Chee said...

Best Chocolate Cake EVER! Your ravings didn't disappoint my increasingly high expectations Karen...good job! =) In this case, I didn't even have to lower my expectations ;)

Karen Ling said...

lol is it orgasmic??

Maggie said...

ooh sounds so yummy!! i want to try this flourless choco cake

Karen Ling said...

yes u have to far i definitely recommend trying it at the yonge & st clair location...they give more white choc sauce

mmmmmmmm i'm drooling now...but make sure to order one for yourself trust me u won't feel like sharing hehe

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