Monday, November 1, 2010

Cocoa Latte

Over the weekend me and a friend went out for dinner but since the place wasn't opened yet and we didn't want to wait outside in the blistering cold we decided to stop by this little cafe called Cocoa Latte.

Well I wanted to head inside because the store front was painted in a pale baby blue which is one of my favorite color. I couldn't help myself I had to go in and take a look.

It was also the same shade inside. Nice and cozy with a fake little fireplace at the back of the place.

I ordered the cocoa latte on ice while my friend had the chai latte.

I have to say it wasn't that great. I found my drink to be too watery guess from the bunch of ice that was piled into the glass.

We decided to share an almond croissant. It was delightful to eat. Flaky and full of almond flavor.

If I was in the area I would stop by again to try out the remaining baked goods but for now I wouldn't travel out of my way to this cafe no matter how much I love the color blue.



Chee said...

This place was alright but I agree that I wouldn't go out of my way to go to this cafe ...nice place to sit if you're in the area tho. BTW, I had a chilled Americano not a Chai Latte =P It was too watered down for my taste but the Almond Croissant was yum!

Karen Ling said...

oops hehe wasn't it still a latte

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