Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Communal Mule

While waiting for a table at the bustling Hoof Cafe, me and my boyfriend wondered off and decided to kill time at an expresso bar just a few stores down the street. Upon entering The Communal Mule it felt like I had entered into a completely different time zone or better yet some strange cafe built in the late 1900s or something.

There were vintage movie posters and some weird light contraptions that look like those huge dryers at hair salons hanging over the tables.

We had ordered a mochaccino and a latte. I was eying the baked goodies but was trying to save my stomach for brunch. I was told that some of the treats came from Wanda's Pie in the Sky. The most popular item were the scones which I did see a lot of people buying while I was sipping on my drink.

They also sold loose tea leaves and coffee blends. There was a wide variety of flavors ranging from blood orange to lavendar to chocolate.

TOTAL BILL $9...EAT HERE NEXT!!! (or better yet DRINK HERE NEXT!!!)

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4rx complaints said...

What a strange name for a bar, I mean it : the communal mule sounds ridiculous!

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