Sunday, February 13, 2011


I was still on the search for the best stuffed french toast. I saw several reviewers recommending the restaurant Kalendar.

It's a cute little bistro along college. There is a patio for outdoor lovers; however, for me I prefer to sit indoors. It was really tight inside luckily it was just me and my girlfriend.

We both split the french toast. It was stuffed with banana, mango and cream cheese served with herbed potatoes and 2 slices of fruit.

It was humongous. It was good but I think the bread itself could've used a bit more flavor.

I noticed a lot of the other patrons had ordered either the nannettes (oven baked naan bread) or the scrolls (crepe style roti) which looked absolutely delicious. I think I would return and give that a try next time.


Kalendar on Urbanspoon


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