Saturday, February 12, 2011

Novello Desserts

Upon entering Novello Desserts, me and my girlfriend were just standing there staring in awe salivating at all the goodies on display.

After much deliberation we decided to purchase the gingerbread cookie, some hazelnut pastry, cannoli with vanilla filling and carrot cupcake.

My favorite was the cannoli. My friend tried to break it in half and well didn't succeed. It was hilarious as she was breaking the cannoli the powdered sugar flew straight up and it looked like it had snowed all over the table. For a moment we just stared at the after effects and was slightly confused and shocked at what had happened. Note to self. Never split a cannoli again.

The carrot cupcake was cold since it was refrigerated so it wasn't fluffy but it tasted good. I'm pretty sure if it was straight out of the oven it would've tasted even better.

The hazelnut pastry had some sort of hazelnut filling inside as well and it was a delight.

Wish I could say the same for the gingerbread cookie. This I did not like at all. It was dry and had no flavor whatsoever. It was like all the ginger flavor was sucked right out of it and this was the final result, a bland tasteless cookie. It was a huge disappointment.

After we finished our first round of treats we couldn't help ourselves we wanted gelato as well. Especially since we were seated right next to the counter. It was just staring at us in the face and taunting us. We got the hazelnut gelato and another cannoli but this time with ricotta filling since our server told us it was the most popular cannoli. We ate the gelato first since we didn't want it to melt. It was creamy and full of nutty flavor. So good. The cannoli was good as well although since we had the gelato first I think it kinda ruined our palette a bit. I couldn't really taste the ricotta filling at all. Think I was all sweetened out from everything.

Here are some other pictures I took. Here is the store front. I can't remember what shop was next to it. Then again I don't think there is much in the area to begin with.

Here are some pastries and tarts. At first my friend had her eye on the red velvet cupcake but we settled on the carrot since it was their regular cupcake. The red velvet was a new flavor they were testing out.

Here are some cookies although I'm not sure what kind of cookie they were. I wished they labelled everything so it would make things a lot easier.

Here is the display of gingerbread cookies. See why I had to buy one. They looked so delish. Sadly, it was a failure.

Here is the display of gelato that kept calling out to us.

Everything is freshly prepared at the back of the store. They even serve some sandwiches, pasta, and some other food as well.


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