Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Petite Thuet

After lunch me and my friend decided to stop by Petite Thuet for a little treat. We went to the location right in front of King station.

They had a nice display of pastries, tarts, sandwiches and other prepared food.

Of course I had my eye on the macarons.

Here is the hazelnut and expresso. Both were delicious.

Here is the pomegranate. I almost didn't want to ruin the packaging since it was so small and cute. I thought the color for the pomegranate flavor would be a deep red or some sort of rich color but instead it was this off white color which was kind of a disappointment. Think it would have made the packaging looked nicer if it was another color. The macaron was tasty with the fruit filling. It tasted like jam stuck in between 2 almond wafers.

My friend got an almond croissant which I had forgotten to take a picture of since I was too busy scarfing down on my macarons. I tried a piece of it and though it did have the almond flavor but I found it to be a bit dry. Maybe it was sitting out too long I don't know.

They also have this whole wall of homemade products such as jams, sauces and pickled food.

I wouldn't mind trying out the sandwiches or prepared foods next time.


1 King St. West
(close to Yonge)

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