Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dlish Cupcakes

Last time I went to Dlish, there was only ONE cupcake left.

I still remember it clearly as if it just happened yesterday. Yes I'm pretty serious when it comes to my cupcakes, it's serious stuff (j/k or am I?).

It was 4pm on a Sunday afternoon, an hour before they closed, luckily me and my friend stepped in a few seconds earlier before the next people because there was only one cupcake left on the shelf. We bought it and sat by the window to eat. It was kinda mean watching people walk in only to be disappointed yet seeing us eat our cupcake hehe.

We split a mocha cupcake which was Belgium dark chocolate cake with mocha frosting and covered with pure chocolate java flakes. Although it was only half a cupcake, it was pretty good. I wanted more:( The cake was fluffy and moist and the frosting was the perfect amount, not too much and not too little. The java flakes added a nice contrast of texture to the cupcake as well.

Here was the list of all the cupcake flavors.

Here displays when each flavor is available.

Now for my second trip there were more cupcakes on the shelf this time unfortunately, I was stuffed from my brunch at Beast. Also didn't want to buy any cupcakes to bring home since it was a pretty humid day so was afraid it would melt in the heat.

Kristy was leaving us so she bought half a dozen cupcakes to take with her. She offered us a cupcake and as full as we were me and Sue couldn't resist taking one for ourselves. Once again I split another cupcake. This time I had the red velvet. The cake was yummy but there was too much cream cheese frosting for me.

Thanks K for the cupcake at least I got to try another flavor:)

Another great thing about Dlish, aside from their yummy cupcakes, is each day only fresh baked cupcakes are sold. If there are any unsold cupcakes at the end of the day they are donated to charities and local food banks. Not only do they care about their cupcakes but they also care about the community. Now how Dlish is that.

TOTAL BILL $3/cupcake...EAT HERE NEXT!!!

833 Queen West
(west of Bathurst)

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The FCC Fairy said...

LOL - all is fair in love and cupcakes.

They look so delicious! Must try.

Eat Here Next said...

lol yes u shud definitely go give it a try just dont go near the end of the day u might not get ur hands on any

AB said...

This place has the best cupcakes in the city. Their cupcakes are gourmet, you can taste the difference. Salty Caramel and Nutella are my favorite. And yes, don't go near the end of the day because they sell-out!

Eat Here Next said...

when i went they didnt have the nutella flavor:(

i have to go back one day when they have it

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