Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chili Crab

"Chili crab is a seafood dish originating from Singapore. The crabs are lightly fried or streamed first with ginger, before being stir-fried in a chili sauce made mostly with chili paste, ketchup, and chicken eggs. The shells are usually partially cracked before cooking for ease of eating later". Drooling yet?

Now when you read that how can you resist.

Jing, aka @omakase_ninja, organized a #chillicrab tweetup at Restoran Malayasia. My last trip here was pretty good but I didn't really get to eat the real "Malayasian" food since all I had was pad Thai and roti so I was pretty excited about this tweetup since Jing would be taking care of the ordering and did I mention he's Singaporean himself.

Here was the list of dishes that Jing was going to order. Gotta love the iPhone so useful in so many ways.

Here was some sort of Malay drink. I didn't have a sip so not sure how this tasted.

On my first trip I loved the roti. This time around it was mediocre. I found it was much sweeter and a tad bit crispier on my last trip. Here it was a bit more on the bland side.

Here was the curry chicken which went well with the roti.

This was the beef rendang. I don't remember if I tried this or not since it was a small portion. It was emptied pretty quick.

Penang char kuay teow. Flat rice noodle with soy sauce, egg, shrimp, bean sprouts, and chive. This was delicious. One of my fav dishes of the night.

Wat tan ho. Flat rice noodles with shrimp,, chicken, calamari, vegetables in a thick egg sauce.

Here were the peppers to eat with the previous dish. I didn't touch this since my tolerance for spicy food is more on the mild side.

Indonesian fried rice (nasi goring) consists of chicken, shrimp, mixed vegetables, egg topped with fried egg and shrimp chips.

Mamak mee goring. Miki noodles with tomatoes, egg, shrimp, chicken, bean sprouts and vegetables.

Last, but not least is the chili crab. I was expecting it to be spicy but surprisingly, it was sweet. It was scrumptious. Too bad we only ordered one of this since there were 8 of us in total so only had a few bites of this dish.

Finally a real Malaysian feast. Everything was delish.

Big shout out to Jing for organizing the tweetup and now I can say I actually ate authentic Malaysian cuisine.

Also had a blast with @soda_ninja, @chrisunagi, @sujo27, @sandwongsta, @mgip and @ctaybabe. Can't wait for the next tweetup^_^

TOTAL BILL $20/person...EAT HERE NEXT!!!

815 Major Mackenzie Dr. East
(east of Bayview)

Restoran Malaysia on Urbanspoon


Agnes mumbi said...

Chilli crab sauce is usually semi-thick, sweet and savoury although there are some that are served watery.

SpatulaGeek said...

You got a tiny typo on 'streamed' instead of 'steamed'. Just to let you know. ;)

There are so few Malay restaurants in the GTA. Love the vibrant colors of the dishes. I've seen wat tan ho in other chinese places and always thought it was chinese or perhaps this is their take on the dish. I really like those little mini woks they use to serve some of the dishes.

Did you get to see someone make the roti? I remember there was a place where you get to see them make the roti fresh and the aroma just filled the place.

Have you recovered from the stinky tofu yet? :) said...

This place is fairly close to my house, but I've only came here once. It was really good though! Too bad I had plans or else I would've joined you guys. And what? Jing is Singaporean? I'm surprised! First it was Chris, then Cheryl, and now we find out that Jing is too :D

Spice City Toronto said...

Looks great. I've got to check that place out.

hgh review said...

Chili crab is a seafood dish originating from Singapore. How much cost we should pay to import this dish in India ?

Sammy said...

mmmmm i'm malaysian and i love restoran malaysia. good picks!

Eat Here Next said...

never really had authentic Malayasian cuisine so this was pretty much my first time and it also helps when you have someone that is familiar with the food so Jing took care of the ordering woohoo all i had to do was eat:)

definitely worth checkin out everyone:)

@sandviper said...

great write up K! :)
great times were had.

Yeah chris was japanese until i find out hes from singapore :(
now jing is malasian...i always knew cheryl was from singapore.

but the food is awesome...was my third time there and loved it everytime...i only go with singapore/malaysian ppl so they can be so long without them.

Eat Here Next said...

thx S:)

yes def great time

next time u and cheryl go i'm coming too so i dt have to be the one ordering:)

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