Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tower of Babel...What a Monstrosity!!!

OH-MI-GOD what was I thinking???

2 weeks ago was my first trip to Burger Priest. I only tried the Priest which was off the regular menu. I really enjoyed it.

This time I wanted to try something off the "secret" menu but the feeling wasn't the same.

@chopstickhero challenged me to eat the Vatican sooooo
CHALLENGE...wait for it....ACCEPTED!!!

When we arrived to the place, everybody was ordering either the priest or the high priest. I was like WTH!!! Am I the only one eating this monstrous burger? Not fair. @sandwongsta said he will eat the tower of babel only if I eat it too. So I checked with @chopstickhero to see if that was ok and when he gave the go we both ordered the tower of babel.

If you don't know what the tower of babel is it's basically 2 meat patties, the option (2 portobello mushrooms deep fried), and instead of regular buns it's actually 2 grilled cheese sandwiches. Oh yeah that's what I ordered.

When I was placing the order, the cook actually stopped the line and yelled out asking how many of us were ordering the tower burger. For a moment there I was a bit intimidated.

When our names were finally called I got my tower. The paper bag wasn't as heavy as I had expected so I was kinda thinking "That's it? Some tower." Wroooong!!!

Once we all finally got our burgers off we went to find a table to sit and eat.

Now I present to you the Tower of Babel. Well this is Sand's burger since he unwrapped his first. Are you scared? Cause I sure was after seeing it.

Here was my burger but somehow it toppled over lol. Think it's teasing me here saying, "You can't finish me" I took a deep breath and then off I went chomping away. At first it was at a normal pace then after a while I slowed down a bit. It's the cheese that made it more and more difficult to swallow down. It was sooooo cheesy. After everyone was done their teeny weeny burgers, I was still biting slowly away at mine. In the end, both me and Sand knocked that tower down woohoo:) I showed you burger:p

Now would I eat this again? NO WAY!!! Too cheesy for me and I love my cheese but this was just too heavy for me. Think I would rather stick with the Priest.

Here was the high priest which pretty much everyone else ordered. It's supposedly like the big mac at McDonalds but waaaay better. I only had a bite from Sue and honestly right now I can't remember how it taste since all I can think bout is my cheesy burger. Think they all enjoyed it.

I want to thank Sand for stepping up and eating the Tower with me. Awesome job and not choosing the tiny burgers like the rest of the group. Also I believe somebody still owes me an ice cream cough Mike:)

TOTAL BILL $17...ONCE IS ENOUGH!!! (just this particular burger)

The Burger's Priest
1636 Queen St. East
(east of Coxwell)

The Burger's Priest on Urbanspoon

11 comments: said...

You monster! Haha jk ;D Btw, I can't believe you guys never invited me to this one.. wth?! It's time to defriend you guys!!

Sylvia said...

Hahahah I love it! We may have to try this...

Mary said...

omg. this looks like a heart attack......

but it just makes me want to try it even more! haha.. =D

Teena in Toronto said...

I think I'll pass, thanks!

kiki's B.F.F said...

you are my hero... I don't think I can ever finish the whole thing but sure want to try =P but def see a heart attack coming X_X

Remedies said...

Burger may refer to: Beef mince, or minced meat/ground beef or other meat used to make hamburgers; Hamburger, a hot sandwich; Patty.

SpatulaGeek said...

@amy I feel the same way! lol

@mary & @kiki You can get a coronary at Dangerous Dan, literally!

I guess you can say this is your own MVF or I should say WVF challenge! lol

Really wished I could have been there! What were people's reaction when they heard an order for the tower of babel? How tall was it say in comparison to a can of pop? Do they still have the can of pepsi made with cane sugar?

This time W conquers Food! :)

How about this as your next challenge?

Quadruple C
"Collosal Colon Clogger Combo"
24oz burger served with a quarter pound of cheese, a quarter pound of bacon, and 2 fried eggs. Also comes with a large shake and a small poutine.

I wonder if anyone has even attempted this from Dangerous Dan? Seriously they should call it a quadruple bypass! hahaha

kiki's B.F.F said...

Tried the Quadruple C back in 2009 =P
It's huge and I shared with my bf .... huge but didn't taste that good=P

iflookscouldfill said...

That burger looks soooo good, but I think that I'd have to get someone to help me eat it.

Chee said...

kudos to you for finishing that monster of a burger! you are my hero! ;) lol

Eat Here Next said...

hahaha thx everyone;)

c'mon ladies if i can do it u can do it too=D

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