Saturday, August 6, 2011

Linda, Sister of Salad King

I've never been to Salad King before but the sister restaurant sure pleased me.

My mommy rarely goes out so since it was a gorgeous day I took her to Shops at Don Mills to walk around.

I haven't ate anything all day so we stopped by Linda Restaurant to grab a bite. I chose Linda because my mommy never ate Thai food before so I prayed it would be a good experience for her since I've never even been to this restaurant.

Completely missed the door until I walked back and saw the door handles here.

Love the decor.

Since my mommy wasn't too hungry I just ordered a few dishes to share.

Here was the deep fried soft shell crab with sweet chili dipping sauce. It was scrumptious. I mean it's crab and it's deep fried. What else can I say? Sooooo good. Crunchy exterior and juicy meaty crab on the inside. Mmmmmm...

The Thai lobster bisque was delicious. The homemade lobster broth was very flavorful however, there was only one piece of lobster meat. Since my mommy likes lobster I gave it to her to eat. Unfortunately, she told me it was overcooked since the texture was kinda rubbery.

Lastly, here was the chicken panang with bell pepper, peanut, Asian basil, lime leaf and curry made from peanut, coconut milk and their own Panang curry paste. It was a delight. Chicken was cooked perfectly and the curry was very flavorful with a perfect balance of savory and sweet.

Thankfully, it was a great dining experience for the both of us. The only thing my mommy complained about was it would've been nice if they put ice in our water. Other than that the food was yummy. Think I would swing by here again for lunch since it's not too far from my workplace.


11 Karl Fraser Road
(Lawrence & Don Mills)

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kiki's B.F.F said...

I think Linda is way overpriced... went once when it first open at Shoppe on Don Mills but never again...

Eat Here Next said...

it was def pricey but i think it's cause of the area..but at least the food was good..i wud be more pissed if the food sucked

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