Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Uptown All Day Dim Sum

Me and my cousin were craving for some dim sum. Problem was that it was after 3pm. Most dim sum places end their dim sum around that time. I didn't know of any all day dim sum places uptown so I asked a friend who lived in the area if he could recommend any restaurants. He suggested Richmond Court at Times Square so off we went.

I decided to try the watercress and honey drink. It was yummy. I pretty much gulped it down in one sip.

Of course have to order the har gow and siu mai. It's not dim sum until you order these dumplings. I prefer siu mai over the har gow but I just can't help but order both of them. You just can't have one without the other.

I love tripe.

The beef balls were ok but what annoyed me was they forgot to bring the dipping sauce for it. When I asked for the sauce the girl smiled then walked away. The only time she returned was when she gave me my bill. WTH!!! The place wasn't busy and there were like 10 other waitresses walking around. I wasn't too happy there.

Chicken feet I only eat it once in a while pending who's with me since not everyone is a big fan of this dish. It was tasty but it's a lot of work to eat this too many tiny bones to pick through.

I also ordered rice noodle roll with beef and steamed custard buns. Somehow I forgot to take a picture of them. Guess I was pretty hungry sorry;(

After our dim sum I couldn't help myself I just had to stop by Ruelo since it was right there in front of me. We got the strawberry yuzu. It was decadent and so worth stopping by for. It was fruity and light just a bite that keeps on giving and giving. Kinda wish I didn't have to share but too bad it was the last one so couldn't grab anymore.

Thanks Sandman for the dim sum rec. Got my dim sum fix and also satisfied my sweet tooth as well. Now I know where to head to for all day dim sum^_^


Richmond Court Restaurant
550 Hwy 7 East, Unit A7-8
(Times Square)

Richmond Court Restaurant - Times Square on Urbanspoon


Chee said...

lol, no wonder you didn't want to go dim sum with me! ;) you had your fix already...i see how it is now =P cake looks so decadent and rich...gotta try it one of these days! thanks for posting the pic! *drool*

Eat Here Next said...

hahaha hey u wur busy that day;p but we will go to ruelo one day;)

Lucas said...

That watercress and honey drink looks very delicious! Your pictures made me crave for dim sum just by looking at them! Great pics and I will sure visit the place next time!

Eat Here Next said...

@lucas drink was delish finished it within's only good when there's no other dim sum place open so perfect for ur dim sum fix other than that if u wake up early then there's plenty of other places to try;)

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