Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thai One On

Yes another Thai place again.

Been eating a lot of Thai food and yet still not sick of it. This time I went to Thai One On. I've been to this restaurant twice so far so this post will be a combination of both visits.

My first trip was with Sue and Sand.

First off is the basil chicken with veggies. This was delish and very flavorful.

Beef red curry. Absolutely scrumptious. It wasn't watery like the one I had at Thai Fay.

Chicken pad Thai. Mmmmm so good.

Second trip was with S&S again and also my other good friend, Kristy.

Thai basil beef. Well seasoned and very tasty.

Coconut rice. It was good but I still like the one at Pi Tom more.

Ginger chicken was yummy and the ginger wasn't overpowering.

Seafood curry pad Thai was tasty but I prefer the previous pad Thai since I'm not really crazy about the curry flavor.

I really enjoyed the food here. Portions were good and it was delicious. Thanks again to Kristy, Sue and Sand for the great company and awesome lunch^_^


7750 Kennedy Rd.
(at 14th Ave.)

Thai One On on Urbanspoon


SpatulaGeek said...

Isn't there a take-out one near the Wendy's on York Mills and Don Mills?

Curry pad thai is an interesting twist. Both pad thai seems to be be more saucier than what I'm use to seeing. Did the sauce made the dish felt weighted down?

The orange wedges and rinds are a nice touch but not as cute as the rice from Pi Tom. :)

Anonymous said...

You can never go wrong with Thai food. It's possibly my fave cuisine from the Asian continent.

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