Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunset Grill

We only ordered 2 dishes and this is what we got. OMG un-freakin-believable!!!

We were starving as usual so Sand recommended we go try out Sunset Grill. He's been there a few times and he loves the omelette there so of course we had to order that.

Here was the meat lovers omelette with peameal style bacon, ham, bacon and cheddar served with a side of home fries. First off, that was not a side of home fries. It was a meal on its own. I didn't care for the home fries too much. I still like the ones I had at Insomnia. Maybe cause there the ketchup is already mixed into the fries also I like my home fries to have a bit of crunch to it. The omelette was humongous. It was oozing with cheese and definitely meaty. You can see the chunks of bacon and ham. Believe me the omelette was enormous and looks much more bigger in person. The picture here just doesn't do it any justice. It was scrumptious considering the fact I'm not much of an omelette fan but the amount of meat in this baby might just convert me after all.

The other dish we ordered was the the French connection with 3 eggs, peameal bacon, home fries and french toast.

Peameal bacon. Mmmmmm gotta have my bacon:)

The french toast was yummy. It's just simple french toast. Nothing gourmet bout it but still tasty.

Surprisingly, the 2 dishes actually fed all 3 of us. We were stuffed by the time we were done. Sunset Grill serves up mammoth portions of simple yet tasty breakfast food. Definitely don't mind returning here again. Thanks Sue and Sand for the awesome company as usual and to Sand for suggesting yet another yummy restaurant^_^


1500 Elgin Rd. East
(at Leslie)

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Ugogurl said...

I prefer the one Yonge Street and Jefferson (north of Elgin Mills) as they have free wifi (if you want to work).
All their food is good and plenty...large portions, good coffee, and wifi... even the burger is ok...
I wish they were open later though.

The FCC Fairy said...

I hate that they don't open later! Usually when I am in the mood for a greasy spoon breakfast they are closed. :( I love their pancakes.

Eat Here Next said...

@ugogurl lol when im out to eat work is the last thing on my mind but thx for the info:)

@fcc fairy hmmm it was my first time there so have no clue wat their hrs are...i wanted to try their pancakes that day but our server told us the french toast is a better option so not gonna argue there and he was really nice enuff to let us know so extra points for great service:)

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Chee said...

The portions were definitely humungous! I love brunch food so can't go wrong with eggs, bacon, and french toast! Yum =P*** I agree - I'm not a huge omelette fan usually but I think I'll make an exception here :) Good recommendation by S, awesome pics and blog by K, and of course, company is 3 thumbs up :) Thanks guys!

Eat Here Next said...

@Chee i luv brunch too when we going for brunch again missy???

Chee said...

does dim sum count as brunch for monday? probably not eh? haha let's set a date and we'll go! ;) the real question is where to next ;)

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