Sunday, September 4, 2011

$15.99 for Afternoon Tea...Awesome^_^

Last time I came to Ruelo was for desserts and that's when I discovered the strawberry yuzu. Mmmmm. My very first trip was for the macarons. Every trip so far has been a great experience. This time I returned for their afternoon tea.

The afternoon tea is available everyday from 12pm - 6pm. No reservations required. However, it is a tiny space so I would recommend calling ahead to see if there is any seating available. Think there are around 6 tables plus seating by the counter.

Me and Sue dropped by on a Saturday afternoon round 3pm or so. The place was empty when we arrived however, after we were seated then people started bustling in. Thank god we came earlier otherwise we wouldn't have had a table.

First off, we were asked to select a tea. With so many options available, I decided to let Sue choose since she loves drinking tea. After a lot of sniffing, she finally settled on sweet love and spicy chocolate.

I hardly drink tea so I had no clue what to do with this. I just assumed you just let it drip one drop at a time. Even Sue never saw this contraption before. Our server must have realized we didn't know what we were doing since she came over and told us "You know you just press the button to release the tea." We were so embarrassed lol. Man it was hilarious and I was thirsty too. Do you see where the button is located?

Between the two flavors we both preferred the sweet love over the chocolate. It was much more sweeter and taste wise was better. I can't describe the flavor profile for sweet love but it was sweet:)

Here were the finger food.

Smoked salmon and prosciutto. Yum.

I absolutely loved the raisin scones.

It was warm when it arrived and the butter just melted effortlessly into the biscuit. The jam was delish. Mmmmm I want one right now.

The desserts were creme brulee and raspberry macaron with chocolate ganache.

I wasn't a big fan of the creme brulee. I expected it to be a bit more firmer instead it was more of a pudding but the flavor was nice.

Since there was only ONE strawberry yuzu left I had to order it. I mean Sue never tried it so I wanted to make sure she didn't leave without at least trying a bite of it. I actually told our server to put it aside when we first entered. It was the last one so it was just meant to be for us:)

It was divine. Sue loved it. It was a perfect way to end our afternoon tea.

Best part was that the afternoon tea was $15.99/person. That is amazing. We weren't overly stuffed but we were quite satisfied with our meal.

TOTAL BILL $22/person...EAT HERE NEXT!!!

550 Highway 7 East, Unit C73
(Times Square)

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Anonymous said...

I'm usually not a fan of scones, but I loved the ones here! Best part was it being warm :) The strawberry macaron was great as well!

@sandviper said...

i wanna try the strawberry yuzu still

Jess said...

Looks good! I'm always looking for a good place for afternoon tea. Any other places you'd recommend?

Eat Here Next said...

@amy i know surprisingly it was good...i want one rite now lol

@S we will go one day:)

@jess sry i dt go for afternoon tea much but i hear windsor arms is good...that's on my list to try

Chee said...

Great recommendation K! :) The afternoon tea was yum and I really enjoyed the Strawberry Yuzu (that was before I tried the Lychee cake ;) Raisin scones were my fave and we both learned how to use a new contraption for tea! lol Now we know for next time...and knowing is half the battle as one of our dear friends would say ;)

Eat Here Next said...

@Chee mmm i wanna go back now for their scones it was really good and of course my strawberry yuzu om nom nom

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