Saturday, September 24, 2011

ABC Bakery

Another great cheap eat.

ABC Bakery serves up some simple yummy Asian fare at reasonably cheap prices. The portions are humongous and taste wise deeeelicious. The meal we had here can probably feed a family of 4 but us being the pigs we were we gobbled everything up^_^

Here was the satay beef rice noodles. Classic dish you just can never go wrong ordering. Always hits the spot.

Here was a dish I wanted to try which was some sort of rice dish with pork covered in corn and egg sauce. It was just ok to me. I found it still needed some seasoning. The meat was a bit bland and the sauce was yummy but not enough for me to order again.

Beef chow mein. One of my fave noodle dishes. Look at the portion. So much meat and veggies. Soooo good. I like my noodles to be part hard and part soft and the amount of each here was perfect.

Apparently the egg tart is suppose to be one of their main specialties. It was scrumptious. Flaky pastry and the centre was egg-cellent.

Great place to grab a bite. Thanks S for showing me this place. Another awesome resto to add to my faves^_^


ABC Bakery
3618 Victoria Park
(south of Steeles)

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@sandviper said...

Awww ur always so very welcome K:)
Thanks for gracing me w ur presence and sitting down to have a meal with me:)
S and I are priviledged to have u as our friend:)
Ur awsm woman!!!

Eat Here Next said...

awww stop it ur awsm:)

have to thank you guys for the yummy dinner and believe me it's a privilege for me to be wit u guys:)

Chee said...

lol you guys are so sappy even on the blog! ;) i liked the beef chow mein. it's one of my fave classic chinese dishes but the egg tart was awesome! for the corn soup dish, you gotta try grouper and corn soup next time...i think you might like that better but then again, i'm a fish fan! either way, i'm glad i got to try out the egg tart thanks to you and @sandviper. :) always room for desserts no matter what! =P

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