Saturday, September 17, 2011

$6.25 for 2 Sandwiches...What a Deal!!!

Here is a quick post.

A friend told me about a shawarma place in Scarborough so one day we decided to head there for lunch.

Family Shawarma is a small resto which seats about 16 people or so. When we arrived there was a long lineup.

I was drooling over the meat here. Just look at it. It was so juicy looking. Om nom nom.

Now the most amazing part was we each got 2 sandwiches for $6.25. OMG!!! That was sooooo cheap. Way better than grabbing a hot dog. Also you can choose any sandwiches such as the souvlaki, lamb, beef etc.

I got 2 chicken shawarmas. The portion was huge. Chicken was moist and tasty. It was scrumptious.

They give you a full scoop of meat in each sandwich. For that price I can't believe they gave so much meat.

Definitely one of my go to places for lunch. Cheap, yummy, satisfying and filling. Just can't ask for anything more. Thanks S for bringing me to this great shawarma spot^_^


Family Shawarma & Falafel
3121 Sheppard Ave. East
(east of Victoria Park)

Family Shawarma & Falafel on Urbanspoon


kiki's B.F.F said...

It's so near to our place, I always make Ben go grab take out on some lazy Sunday that I don't want to get dress and go out =P

SpatulaGeek said...

I've been going a place around Victoria Park and Lawerence when I am in that area. When I see Vic Park and Sheppard I think of Johnny Burgers.

Those look so big I think each would be a meal for me. That is what is so great about mom and pop shops is that they don't really care too much about portion control.

I had an epiphany myself this past weekend and had a fish shawarma... I couldn't believe it myself. I'm also going to put a quickie blog about it also. It was an idea that I'm shocked no one I have seen done when fish taco is almost the norm now.

@sandviper said...

Once again a friend???
No credit where it's deserved :(
:p I'm kidding :)

crazycoz said...

Why can't this place be near my school? I'm forever broke and stuck eating $2 banh mi hahahaha :(

Chee said...

This is sooo cheap and quality was good! I get a chicken schwarma by my work place and it's close to 5 bucks for 1 sandwich and definitely was not as meaty. Good find! Let's go again soon! :)

Eat Here Next said...

@kiki no matter wat u wear im sure u look good but the food there is yummy and love that it's close to my workplace:)

@sandviper i said thank you tho:P

@crazycoz hahahahah i rather have this than banh mi lol

@chee wow really that sucks...ok whenever u wanna go lemme know:)

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