Saturday, September 24, 2011

Perfect Dim Sum

Think this is the cheapest dim sum I have ever had.

My friend took me to Perfect one day claiming the food was good and cheap. Cheap and good food I was sold.

When we arrived the place was jammed packed. I hate lining up so we decided to leave. When we returned a half hour later there was no line up yayyy.

I love my siu mai so we had 2 orders of this. Mmmmmm yummy in my tummy.

Of course had to get the har gow as well.

Tripe was tasty.

Sticky rice with pork wrapped in banana leaf was also yummy.

We ordered 4 other dishes as well but I was too hungry to take pix. Especially when my companion was eating like there was no tomorrow so I had to catch up otherwise there would be no food left.

Overall, great food and for 9 dishes the bill came to an astonishing $18. That was so ridiculously cheap. Now I know where to head to for my dim sum fix.


4386 Sheppard Ave. East
(west of Brimley)

Perfect Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


@sandviper said...

Excuse me?
Fine next time I won't eat until ur full...
Did u think I'd miss that comment Missy?
Mmmmmmmmm :)

Eat Here Next said...

haha j/k and i was full..besides w/o u i wouldnt even have any food

thanks again for dim sum ur so awsm^_^

Anonymous said...

I love good and cheap dimsum nomnomnom that tripe looks mouthwatering

SpatulaGeek said...

Someone found my secret spot for dim sum!

If one can believe it, you can go on a weekday and it is even cheaper! The trick is to NOT eat in the banquet room since it is a VIP area. The price for the VIP area or eating on the weekends are $1.80 for regular dishes. Weekdays they cost $1.50 if you sit in the on the other side of the place. The waiters are sneaky and try to bring people into the banquet room first even if there are empty tables in the other areas.

I know some places that have a happy hour / early bird special but they hold back on serving those dishes until that time period has passed. This place serves the ceramic bowls of meat and rice for $1.50! How can you beat that price! Some dishes have ingredients skimped on like the shrimp rice noodle roll but for that price it is understandable. A 'specialty' dish costs $2.50 while most other places would be almost $4. They don't have the best quality compared to some other places but the quality is amazing for the price they are charging per dish.

It doesn't hurt that they also offer free wifi!

Chee said...

Where was I? Where's my dim sum fix? Seems so cheap and can't go wrong with those prices! Good find! :) It will definitely be on my to-try list! I can't believe you didnt' take pics of all the other dishes...haha...guess you were that worried that there would not be enough food to go around eh? ;)

Eat Here Next said...

@crazycoz i luv dim sum period:)

@spat actually i did go on a weekday hehe that's why it's so cheap

@chee hey wur going soon dt u worry ur pretty lil head:) also wit S there we will get food hehe but u just have to eat fast lol

Jess said...

Wow that is ridiculously cheap! People throw the name of this place around a lot so I knew it was popular, but now I know why.

Eat Here Next said...

@Jess it was the cheapest dim sum that i've ever been to so def worth checkin out:)

safe meds said...

We had lunch at Yank Sing off the back of a reccomendation from a work colleague. The restaurant is only open for lunch but its a must for Dim Sum lovers. Favourites included honey shrimp, shrimp dumplings and their famous pork dumplings. 6 dishes plus water came to 60 dollars exc tax and service ..... So a tad on the higher price range but well worth it. Service was excellent and there was plenty of trolleys going around and if you wanted something particular they woyld make it for you.

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