Monday, September 26, 2011

Pi Tom's

Since it was a beautiful sunny day we decided to sit in the patio at Pi-Tom's.

For starters we had the skewered chicken satay. The flavor was there but the chicken could've been more juicy and moist.

The panang nuer beef curry was yummy.

I love the coconut rice. First off the plating was cute. The rice came in the shape of a star. How adorable was that. The rice was an explosion of coconut flavor in your mouth. Just absolutely delish.

The pad Thai consisted of chicken, shrimp, tofu, bean sprouts in a sweet and sour tamarind and coconut sauce wrapped in a fried egg crepe. It was scrumptious. The noodles were cooked well and the flavoring was definitely there.

Portions were pretty good. Food was tasty. I would definitely return here again. Thanks Sue for the awesome company and dinner^_^


6 Alexander St.
(south of Wellesley)

Pi-Tom's Thai Cuisine on Urbanspoon


@sandviper said...

Now I am craving Thai food >_<
great pics gurl :)
Keep on blogging

Deb said...

The coconut rice is freakin' adorable. I think everyone should go there just for that! :D

Chee said...

No problem K. It's one of my favourite Thai places for coconut rice and Pad Thai! Mmmmm Funny thing is that I just stumbled upon the place...sometimes you find the best places when you're wandering around a neighbourhood and just want some food! Went in to give it a try and I've been back a few times already! It's an eat here next in my books! ;)

Eat Here Next said...

thx S tryin to catch up here so behind:(

lol we went for thai 4 times in a row and ur still craving for it ok let's go again next time:)

lol Deb my thoughts exactly hehe but even tho it's freakin adorable i still ate it...cuteness didnt stop me from eating it:)

really Chee if it wasnt for the deal i wouldnt have known bout the place funny how u just stumbled upon it esp when there's so many thai places to choose from dt...good u wur wit me otherwise who known wat i wud've ordered...good call:)

SpatulaGeek said...

Everything looks great! I've been to a many places where the satay/kebab/souvlaki were already par cooked and they come out dry being reheated to serve. :(

The presentation for the pad thai is great! It's like a savoury creme brulee that you want to break the soft shell and let all that goodness just wash over you. :)

kiki's B.F.F said...

Your Chicken Satay Skewers def look better than my beef =(

Jess said...

Was always curious about this place since I've seen coupons for them on those deal sites... and I'm always craving thai. Looks like it's definitely worth a shot.

The rice is adorable. And the pad thai? I was wondering what that first picture was, but it's served in an egg crepe? Never seen that before!

Eat Here Next said...

@jess & @spatula yes luv the pad thai and def unique presentation compared to other places

@kiki yea i normally stick wit chicken cause i find beef they tend to overcook at most places

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