Thursday, September 15, 2011

Insomnia Tweetup

Finally organized my very first tweetup yayy^_^

I heard several good reviews about Insomnia so I decided to host my first tweetup there.

Since there were some people I knew as well as some new faces thought it would be fun to create a seating chart. Nobody minded about the seating except for one particular person. (You know who you are missy:P) But it's ok since she was just kidding, hopefully.

Since we were such a large group we had to wait a bit for our table. Once we were seated then the fun began.

I had the eggs lorraine which came wit 2 poached eggs, peameal bacon, cheddar cheese topped with house made hollandaise served with a side of home fries and baby greens.

Unfortunately, my eggs were overdone where the yolk wasn't even running. Majority of the people ordered a benny and mine was the only one that was overcooked:( But our waitress Emily quickly corrected that and brought me a new plate afterwards and it was perfect.

Loved the home fries. They even mixed in the ketchup so I didn't have to do anything except just eat them.

While they prepared another dish for me the waitress offered me a drink on the house. I decided to go with a caesar. Yum:)

Here are pix of some of the food others had. I don't know what they were but they sure looked good. Think a lot of people had the same dish as me so I didn't take a pix of every dish.

Here was a slice of blueberry pancake which was graciously given by Dan. Apparently this was not even a quarter of the dish. I wished I had taken a pix of the whole pancake since it was humongous but it was scrumptious. I am definitely ordering this next time I come here. Thanks again Dan for sharing your pancake oh and Sand for giving me a piece since technically Dan gave it to him lol:)

At the end of our meal, our waitresses came with a tray of complimentary shots. That was so sweet of them and it was a perfect way to end the meal. I'm not sure what it was but it was good:)

Aside from my first dish the food was delicious. The portions were enormous. Everyone enjoyed their food and we all had a great time.

I want to thank @Sandwongsta, @manleyh, @mgip, @aarietta, @chrisunagi, @lo_tek, @soda_ninja, @cinna_min, @wherejessate, @deguzzi, @boneats, @thebonnielui, @raykao, @rsizzlex, @kiki_BFF, @lu_amy7, @msgfonz, Tina and Ben for making my first tweetup an awesome event. Had so much fun and definitely a lot of laughs.

I also want to thank the staff at Insomnia for accommodating our large group and providing excellent customer service. They were quick, friendly, and very attentive. I'm sure we were a handful and boy were we loud or maybe it was me lol. Regardless, I was so happy that everything turned out great. Now gotta return again and try that mammoth size blueberry pancake.

TOTAL BILL $9-11/dish...EAT HERE NEXT!!!

563 Bloor St. West
(close to Bathurst)

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10 comments: said...

You did an exceptional job at organizing this tweetup, Karen! Everyone had such a great time and it was nice meeting a few people! Also, you've been MIA girl.. where have you been?? We're all waiting for you to organize another awesome tweetup ;D The food was good here; loved my PLT!

Eat Here Next said...

awww thanks Amy^_^

yea i know been busy and when i get home i just knock out:(

lol why bout u???

yea the food was good but def it's the ppl that made the tweetup such a hit:)

cinnamin said...

I CONCUR! lol.
The food was delicious and portions large! I thought the home fries were one of the best I've ever had and was super sad I couldn't consume it all haha.
Thanks again Karen!!

Eat Here Next said...

lol i couldnt finish my meal either...thanks Min for lettin me go crazy wit ur camera...i luv it so much i want one for myself then again dunno if i wud carry it it is kinda big

thanks again for coming:)

SpatulaGeek said...

If you made the seating charts just for the tweetup then I'd love to see what you do for a dinner party!

I had always thought that place was a late night bar. My friends are so fixated to goto Perkins for brunch and this great when we recover from getting wasted on bloor west. :)

I would love to come to one of you tweetups! :)

Jess said...

What Amy said! You did an amazing job - it was so nice to meet everyone! Already can't wait for the next one :)

Volcano Vaporizer said...

Lunch at the Restaurant & Lounge insomnia Tweetup was a well organized from the start. Tweetup was the largest gathering was about twenty people.

Eat Here Next said...

thx guys for all the nice comments:) wouldnt have been a successful tweetup w/o u guys^_^

Chee said...

After hearing the stories, I know I missed out on this tweetup. Can't wait to go to your next one :) Thanks for bringing me to Insomnia over the weekend! Awesome times and I know you don't usually visit a restaurant twice so I definitely felt special ;) Or maybe the food was that good! hehe

ambien without prescriptions said...

Wow! Looks very delicious! I want to taste it

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