Friday, November 11, 2011


It's not French cuisine seemed more like Asian food to me.

When you enter Loire all you see is white white white. Pretty clean looking place.

For our starter we had the rainbow trout tartare with yuzu dressing, cilantro sour cream, teriyaki glaze scallion and cucumber salad. This was incredibly refreshing and tasted sooo good. Too bad there was not enough of this scrumptious dish cause I wanted more.

Next were the half dozen Rodney's oysters with bloody Mary mignonette. The oysters were delish but the sauce didn't do anything for me. The presentation was nice with the bed of rocks. Too bad it wasn't on a bed of oysters instead hehe.

Here was the Muscovy duck duo with confit leg in a vegetable crepe and seared duck breast with plum chili glaze. I was tricked. I ordered this dish thinking there was duck confit but instead got a plate that tasted something like those Asian Peking duck dish with the wrap. The major difference was that here this dish costed me $28 when I can get a whole duck at the Asian restaurant for the same price. Not happy at all. I was expecting duck meat floating in a pool of fat with crispy skin just like the one I had at Forte Bistro. Instead this is what I got. It tasted ok but not what I was hoping for. Also have no clue as to how this dish is even considered French.

Overall I absolutely loved the tartare. The oysters were good but to me it was pretty pricey and the entree tasted mediocre but definitely not worth the price. I guess food wise it was good but this place is definitely for those who want to splurge. I think I rather go elsewhere and get the same quality of food but more bang for my buck.


119 Harbord Street
(West of Spadina)

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Anonymous said...

Lol, you need to read the menu more carefully, Karen! It's a duo, meaning the duck is served two ways: seared duck breast + confit leg. Only the leg part is "confitted". You even mentioned that in the description. My friend ordered something similar to this last time too.

Jess said...

Interesting... I just bought a coupon for here cause I've wanted to try it for a while. Guess I'll know what to expect now!

Eat Here Next said...

@amy that doesnt mean anything to me lol when i see confit i think of duck confit:P

@jess lol the food isnt bad just pretty pricey and not wat i expected...but def try the tartare that was amazing:)

kiruthi vasan said...

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