Thursday, November 10, 2011

Puck 'N Wings


Who doesn't like chicken wings?!!

My 2 besties were craving for wings and one of them recommended Puck 'N Wings.

We went on a Monday night so we can take full advantage of their wing night special. Half off baby yayyy:)

My friends had some spicy one which was way too vinegary for me. Also I'm not a big fan of spicy food either so I passed on this.

Here was the dry rub roasted red pepper and garlic. The wings were huge and it was crispy on the outside and juicy and meaty on the inside. So yummy and flavorful.

Here were the dry rub cajun wings. I definitely prefer the dry mixes over the wet saucy ones. Less messy for one thing.

Something classic the honey garlic. Just can't go wrong with this one. It was scrumptious.

I would definitely return here again for their wing night special. We ended up ordering 4lbs of wings. Regular price is $21 per pound. We paid a total of $35 tax in. How awesome was that? Gotta love half price. Another thing is you have to order a drink in order to take advantage of the special. Regardless you still get your money's worth here and my friends got their wing fix.


5625 Yonge Street
(north of Finch)

Puck 'N Wings on Urbanspoon


Teena in Toronto said...


Anonymous said...

Omgosh, you're back! I miss your reviews :)

Eat Here Next said...

@Teena it was yummy def the place to go for ur wing fix:)

@amy awww thx yes im back and tryin to catch up hopefully will have everything up soon:)

Chee said...

I for one can NEVER say no to matter how full...almost as much as I love dessert but dessert still rules! =P Thanks for coming out with me for Wings! Good recommend by S! hehe Let's go again soon! *drool*

SpatulaGeek said...

Love hot wings but it is always sour or vinegary when it is poorly done. They have a larger selection of dry rubs than all the places I know and those are pretty good flavors.

Another good point you bring up is that wings at many places are small so the store isn't using some fancy marketing to draw people. Checking out their menu, the szechuan, butter chicken and red thai sounds pretty good too. Seems like my friends always head straight to Wild Wings but I do miss Duff's quite a bit myself.

Did you go to Menchie's after? :)

Mary said...

you're back! :)

I love the Black N Tan rings from here. If you like onion rings you'll love them!

@sandviper said...

Awsm size wings!
Love their dry rubs:)
Half price is always winning:)

Mike L said...

WINGS! getting some tonight! muahaha

Eat Here Next said...

@chee haha u sure do luv ur wings man girl u can eat all good:)

@spatula i def prefer dry rub over the saucier ones

@mary ooo thx for the rec will def try that the next time i head there i luv onion rings:)

@sandviper yes half price is always awsm:)

@mike mmmmm wings now i want some lol

Ally said...

These look so meaty and thick! I hate those teeny tiny wings that have barely any meat on them.

Patricia said...

Good to know their wings are good, as I pass by there so many times and have never gone in.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but did you say the regular price for the wings is $21.00 a pound? No wonder their website has been suspended. I know they are cheap like they used to be but that's a little ridiculous.

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