Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hana-Bi Sushi

Cheap, tasty and filling.

Hana-Bi Sushi definitely meets those requirements.

Look at this. Bento box for $8 tax in. O-M-G!!! Is that cheap or what?!!

You get sashimi, sushi, soup and salad. A complete meal for less than $10. Definitely get your money's worth and best of all it tastes pretty good. It's not extraordinary but for what you pay for I think it's a steal.


Hana-Bi Sushi
3255 Hwy 7 East, Unit 18
(First Markham Place)

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SpatulaGeek said...

Your opening comment reminds me about @FoodigatorJ Tweet about if we really are what we eat! lol

That's a sweet bento box deal! Is it a special or a regular menu item? I've never seen any place offering sushi/sashimi combo for that price. It a welcome change from your teriyaki protein. My only issue is the futomaki and california roll since I'm not a big fan of either. It would be nice if they also replaced the white rice with something like chap chae (I know it's not very japanese) or edamame instead. :)

Kind of sad to see 'A Place for Us' disappear. I went to the new bubble tea place there and not happy with their food or drinks. The drinks tasted watered down and a small bowl of mango sago was $7! Next time we want desserts, we're heading next door to Tracy Desserts and get much better portions for the same price.

Mary said...

Whoa, awesome deal! I wonder if this is just the introductary price since the place is new?

@sandviper said...

@spatula geek I'll never go back to Tracy desserts!
Never ever! The service w got there was ba even for a Chinese run establishment!
Even free I won't go back

@mary no its their lunch special and always on!
Take out is $7 can no tax!
My friend has bought it $7 cash total and went right next door to first markham place food court to eat it to save tax and tip :)
That's cheap if u dt mind not eating there!

Anonymous said...

The place isn't new, it's right near my office, been eating there for 5+ years

Sammy said...

Mmmm those sashimis look delish! SO CHEAP TOO. I wish Markham was closer. Great photos :)

Anonymous said...

but is it any GOOD?

raj mani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
raj mani said...

The place isn't new, it's right near my office, been taking there for 5+ years

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