Thursday, November 10, 2011


The dishes at Lucien were a work of art but the portions are so tiny:(

Then again guess cause it's suppose to be more of a fancier restaurant so when it's fine dining means the prices are higher and the portions are smaller.

Complimentary bread and some very very very salty chips. You need to drink 3 glasses of water just to eat one chip.

Here was the yellowfin tuna with beets, corned beef pumpernickel and mustard. It was so pretty when it arrived at our table. At first it looked pretty but on closer inspection it kinda look like a mess but a pretty looking mess lol. That doesn't make sense does it. Anyways it was delicious. The tuna was fresh. However, $32 for this plate seemed a bit too much for me. For that price I could've ordered a bunch of sashimi and sushi at a sushi restaurant.

Here was the beef tenderloin. The placement of that mushroom sure just doesn't look right wonder if they did that on purpose? Regardless it was yummy.

The food was good but to eat here would be a splurge for me. But then again it didn't wow me enough to make me want to return. There just wasn't anything extraordinary about the food.


36 Wellington St. East
(east of Yonge)

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kiki's B.F.F said...

I have been meaning to go but after some of the reviews I've read recently I'm not sure anymore

Eat Here Next said...

i only went cause i got a voucher other than that no way i wanna pay regular price for that

Chee said...

Food was definitely pricier but at least it was yummy. Glad you had a voucher and I got to try it with K&S :) I agree with you and wouldnt' pay regular price either.

Anonymous said...

Wow, interesting plating.. lol

SpatulaGeek said...

The plating is a bit over the top for me or maybe I'm just not seeing what they are trying to do. At least the food was good. Which place(s) do you go for vouchers?

@sandviper said...

Yeah food is good, portions small as expected from a fine dining experience but in the end with any resto it's who u done with that makes it or breaks it!
Nice post :)

MIke L said...

Nice presentation, but portions do look a bit small. Well i guess it's more about taste at this resto.

Jess said...

The dishes do look very artistic lol. I heard the chef from black hoof is going over to lucien. Wonder how that will change the menu and food!

Eat Here Next said...

@chee glad u came wit me to experience it together:)

@amy yea pretty plating and u know how i eat wit my eyes more hehe

@spatula hmmm wateva deals i see but lately nothing really interest me

@sandviper yea it is wat it is oh well at least the food was good:)

@mike hmmm think also cause it's dt so u kinda expect that wit the small portions and the type of resto it is

@jess omg i still have to try black hoof:(

Anonymous said...

That is pretty expensive for some sashimi and mushroom pieces...0_0

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